Prometrium and progesterone levels
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celestia1977 - September 15

Hi all,

For those of you taking Prometrium, what progesterone level did you start out with and how much Prometrium are you taking? I'm wondering if my doc prescribed a bigger amount than what I should have. My progesterone level was 8.8, and I'm taking 400mg of Prometrium a day (200mg in the morning and 200mg at night). What do you think?


celestia1977 - September 15

This is for pregnancy. I'm not pregnant yet, but after doing the IUI, they advised I should take this the day after thru the time I get my period, if I'm not pregnant, or thru the 1st trimester of pregnancy. I've been doing this for 3 cycles now (I'm currently on the 3rd cycle, my IUI was Wednesday, 9/13.


Val - September 16

Hi Celestia... My progesterone level at the 21day test was also 8.8, and my RE put me on 600mg/day (1 200mg suppositorie 3x/day) starting a few days past ovulation. I'm not on IUI yet - this is my 3rd/last Clomid cycle. Good luck to you!


celestia1977 - September 16

Val, wow! That's a lot of progesterone. Why is this the last Clomid cycle? Did they say you can't do Clomid after 3 cycles? I'm doing suppositories too, which isn't so fun, but oh well. Baby dust to you :-)


Val - September 17

hi Celestia - my specialist said that clomid doesn't really help much after a few months. Also, I think the chance for side effects rises if you stay on it too long. I got a bfp last night and this morning after about a year of ttc!!! I'm in shock.... Babay dust to you.


celestia1977 - September 17

Val - congrats!!!! Let me know how things progress! I'm hoping for one too, but guess time will tell. I'm in my 2WW, day 4. My 2WW lasts longer than most too, so it should be October 1st.


charl23 - September 30

Hi, 3 months ago mine was 1.03, last month it was 16.24, and had my blood done yesterday and it was 56.11. I'm on 200mg a day (prometrium) I'm trying to have a baby, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a good sign!!


celestia1977 - October 4

charl, it sounds like a good sign! good luck!



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