Prometrium and Clomid
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MollieJo - September 29

Hi VAL, I am on my 2ww. I should of ovulated last Sun according to my strips. I am not doing my temps this cycle b/c it is so hard for me to take it at the same time everyday b/c I work 2nd and 3rd. I hope your u/s goes well today!!! Keep me posted.


Val - September 30

Hi Mollie - glad you're in the tww... I'm sending lots of baby dust and good thoughts your way! My u/s was good - everything was right where it should be. I'm going back in 10 days to check the hb. Take care and hope to hear good news from you soon!


charl23 - September 30

Hello, i had my blood done yesterday for progesterone (day 22), and it was 56.11!! My doctor told me at the start that between 1.5-20 is normal, and that above means that you are pregnant, i cant talk to my doctor until monday, and i cant seem to find info. Does anyone know what this means, if i do a home test it has to be Friday, because i am due Thursday, thanks for the other advice.


Val - October 1

Hi Charl - I'm not sure what normal prog levels are supposed to be, but yours do sound high. I think I've read that if you release >1egg, the number can also be high, but I hope yours is because you are pg! It sounds promising, especially if that's what your dr said. fyi... I tested at 12dpo and got my bfp, so you might try testing a day or two early, but just be aware that you could get a false negative that early. Good luck and lots of baby dust!


charl23 - October 1

Thanks Val, here's hoping. It gives me hope that people in the same position as me are getting pregnant!!! Congrats!!!!!


MollieJo - October 1

I am getting my progestrone level drawn tomorrow. I hope it is much better than last month. Hope everyone is doing well. Good Luck!!!


charl23 - October 2

Good luck, and let us know the results!!!


MollieJo - October 4

Wow, my progesterone didn't change much at all. 0.8 to 1.5. Now my doctor wants me to take prometrium once a day.



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