Prometrium and Clomid
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Val - September 2

Hi MollieJo - I'm glad he prescribed the progesterone - I think that could definitely enhance your chances. Did you and dh bd at the right time this month? I'm on cd17, hoping to ovulate within the next 3 days. Still no +opk, but I've gotten it around cd18 for the last 2 cycles, so I'm hoping this will be the same. Sending you good thoughts and baby dust. :-)


MollieJo - September 4

Val- Did you get your positive opk yet? I think the progesterone is working for me. My last cycle was only 25 days with a luteal phase of only 8 days. Now it's cd 27 and no AF yet. So maybe I'll have a normal length cycle now.


Val - September 4

hi MollieJo --that's great that your cycle is lengthening! It would be wonderful if progesterone is what you need to get pregnant. The clomid has regulated my cycles... mine were fairly irregular and long, but now this is the 3rd month in a row where I ovulated on cd19 (at least I think I'm o'ing today on cd19 since I got my +opk today.) I guess if my temps go up the next couple of days, I'll know for certain. I think I'm supposed to start the progesterone 4dpo. Hope you're having a great weekend! (do you live in the US?)


MollieJo - September 5

Val- Yes, I live in the US. I tried temping this cycle but I could not keep consistant waking times (I work 2nd and 3rd shift at a hosp) Plus b/c my progesterone was so low they stayed flat. I was up all night because my dog is sick. He keeps coughing really bad. We took him to the doggy ER but they gave him an antacid. I took him to his vet this morning and he gave him a steriod shot and antibiotic. Maybe something stuck in his esophagus or maybe kennel cough??? They don't know. Make sure you bd tonight. Last cycle we bd on the day I got the positive opk and not the day after. I think the day after is important too b/c opk's give you a 24-48 hr notice of ovulation. Still no AF for me. I am having some cramping though so I bet she shows up in the next few days.


Val - September 5

Sorry about your dog. I hope he feels better soon! What kind of dog is he? We have 2 dogs and 2 cats (we live in the country so we have lots of space). I have to take my cats in for shots again today - ugh! They are very whiny in the car! I would love to bd today, but dh left on a work trip yesterday. My temps were higher today though, so I'm pretty sure I o'd yesterday. And when I got pg last year, we last bd'd 1-2 days before ovulation (due to another work trip) and I ended up pg, so at least I know it can happen that way! (Sadly, we ended up miscarrying at 9 weeks.) Are you still taking progesterone? My doctor said that it can delay af... I think it can take a few days to get af after you stop.


MollieJo - September 6

I have two lab mutts. Guber and Jeb. Jeb is the one who is sick but the steriod shot kicked in and now he is not coughing nearly as much!! I am so sorry about your miscarriage. That must of been devastating. My doctor said to keep using them until AF shows up and then I get 2 days off then restart them on cd3 with the clomid. I asked if they would prevent ovulation and AF and he said no because the level is much lower than the prometrium. 25mg compared to the 200mg in prometrium. I trust him but it makes me nervous b/c I read that everyone else starts after ovulation. But I also read the normal progesterone level at ovulation is around 3 and I wasn't even up to that!!! So I guess that's why I have to be on them all the time.


babygirl1967 - September 14

Hello ladies maybe someone here can help me, I have been charting for a while now and i realized that i have a short luteal phase which is between 8-10 days. I just got af today and it is 10 since i ovulated, i will be starting my first round of clomid on saturday and i wanted to know about the prometrium i have the 100mg tablets and need to know when do you start taking them and when do you stop? i have been ttc since for4 months now with no luck so im hopeing that the clomid and prometrium helps. i have 2 kids 18 and 14 and trying for #3 i also had a m/c at 6 weeks in april. i do o on my own so the dr. gave me 50mg of the clomid. so please someone tell me about the prometrium. Thank you and baby dust to all


charl23 - September 15

I have been trying for a baby for quite a while, i have suffered one miscarrige and have been told i have pcos, i went for my blood work and my progesterone was 1.03ng (very low). I am now on my second month of clomid (days 5-9) and on day 16 have to take prometrium (200mg) for 10 days. When i went for my bloodwork last month(day 21) my progesterone was 16.27ng. The doctor told me this was high, i am just a bit worried that with having my blood taken while taking prometrium, its sure to give a high result, and maybe i havn't ovulated after all (the doctor says i did), anyone else have any doubts like this?


Val - September 16

BABYGIRL, did your dr give you instructions about the prometrium? They should have. Mine had me start it 4 days after getting a positive on an opk. But I don't have a short luteal phase, so you might have different instructions. CHARL, do you chart your temps? That would give you a good indication of whether you are ovulating. I don't know if the progesterone test result accurately shows ovulation if you are on a supplement... Good luck to both of you! MOLLIE JO, did af ever show?


MollieJo - September 19

Hi ladies, yes my AF showed up. I am on cd 12...My doctor has me on progesterone 25mg and I was suppose to start them as soon as my period stops and continue through my whole cycle. However, I keep reading that progesterone inhibits LH (which you need to ovulate). I asked him if the progesterone would keep me from ovulating and he said no, the level is not high enough. I don't want to risk it so I am waiting till after I get a pos LH surge then I will start them. I will get my progesterone level drawn 7 days after I ovulate instead of cd21 (I ovulate on cd17) b/c I think that maybe my level last time was drawn too early. If my level is still low I will tell my DR what I did and then I will follow his instrustions better...

VAL- Did I read somewhere you got your BFP?!?! Congrats!!!!!


Val - September 19

Hi Molliejo, yes I got a bfp on Saturday! I'm still in shock. I'm waiting for the dr's office to call with my hcg and progesterone levels. Definitely don't let them do the "21day" test at cd21 if you ovulate won't really be accurate. Sometimes doctors seem to think you don't know your cycle and will recommend tests at the wrong date... I've definitely found that to be true. Progesterone 25mg is pretty low, but you should do what you feel comfortable with. My naturopath had prescribed progesterone at 100mg to start before ovulation, but I followed the RE's instructions and started it at 600mg/day 4 days after the positive opk. I guess something worked!


MollieJo - September 19

VAL-I wish you a safe and happy 9mos!!!!


charl23 - September 23

Hello thanks for the advice, when is the best time to take your temp? My doctors are Italian (i live in Italy) and i find it really difficult to talk to them about all this, i always seem to be questioning them, my husband says i need to trust them, bu there are a lot of terms that i just dont quite understand, and so i read on the internet, and get different ideas.


MollieJo - September 26

The best time is first thing in the morning before you get up.


Val - September 28

MOLLIE JO, how are you doing? Thanks for the good wishes. My first u/s is tomorrow and I'm hoping everything is fine. CHARL23, Mollie Jo is right - taking your temp first thing in the morning (before you get out of bed) is best. Also, try to take it at the same time every day... Have you found the website ""? You can chart on there and they have lots of helpful information.


MollieJo - September 29

Hi VAL, I am on my 2ww. I should of ovulated last Sun according to my strips. I am not doing my temps this cycle b/c it is so hard for me to take it at the same time everyday b/c I work 2nd and 3rd. I hope your u/s goes well today!!! Keep me posted.



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