Prometrium and Clomid
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mattiewinrow - August 22

Hi everyone, my doctor put me on prometrium 200mg for 12 days (I'm on day 5) and I'm supposed to get my period on day 12 and start clomid on day 2 of my cycle. After that I'm supposed to go get a blood work to see if my progesterone is high enough. I've been trying for 3 years to conceive but no luck. Has anybody gone through this process and can tell me what to expect and what not to


MollieJo - August 22

My doctor prescribed prometrium 200mg for 10 days and I got my period 2 days after the last pill then I took Clomid 50mg days 3-7. The prometrium made me dizzy for a few days. I didn't really have too many side effects with the Clomid. I got hot flashes from cd 6-9.
My first round I got a postive OPK on cd16. My period came early on cd25. I am on cd 14 of my second round and will get progestrone drawn on cd21. I can keep you updated and let you know what my progestrone level is if you want.


mattiewinrow - August 23

Thanks Millie Jo. All this is still new to me but yes please, keep me updated on your progestrone level. So far so good, i haven't really had any serious side effects like some of the women on the forum have while on Prometrium. I take it at night time when i'm ready for bed. It takes me hours to sleep and then when I do fall asleep, i wake up drenched in sweat and having irregular heartbeats. other than that, I don't feel tired, dizzy or anything of that sort. It seems virtually every woman on this forum goes through half of the side effects and it makes me wonder if CVS gave me the geniune meds (not that I want to have any effects LOL!) Also, I'm loosing weight which is great beacuse the meds make me loose appetite and then to top it all, i have diarrhea which isn't so great.
Started Prometruim on the 17th for 12 days. To start clomid on cd2 for 5 days and then blood work to check level of prog. After that what else follows?


MollieJo - August 23

If your progestrone level is fine then <hopefully> you will become pregnant or AF will show up and you try Clomid again. If the progestrone is low, I was told that cycle will not be successful and the next cycle I would be put on progestrone after I ovulate. This whole process is becoming hurry up and wait. I guess on the bright side it is teaching me to deal with disappoints a little better...Did your Dr. put you on Prometrium b/c your periods are irregular? I was on the pill as a teen b/c I only had 1 or 2 periods a year. Then I was regular on the pill for years and now that I'm off, I'm back to no periods. He says if I do not get a period, I did not ovulate. Which brings up another senario, a lot of woman take the clomid and get no period and BFP. Usually the doctor ups the dosage of Clomid for the next cycle.


mattiewinrow - August 23

My doctor put me on it because i had very irregular periods. i've never been on the pill or any kind of BC but i went 4 months without a period and i wasn't pregnant. I had started the process of IVF in January this year but after spending $4800 on my meds, i lost my job and my fabulous insurance and now i'm stuck with a bagful of injectables that won't expire till 11/07. My current insurance won't cover fertility treatments that's why my Ob/gyn decided that we should try the least expensive method first. i did all the tests required and except for the irregular periods my reproductive system is in tip top fashion. No blockages or anything that should hamper me from conceiving so she said it's probably because of my irregularities and the fact that for some reason i don't ovulate when i'm supposed to.
As for the meds and injectables, I'm thinking of giving it away to another woman in the IVF process for free or just donating it to the IVF clinic i was going to.


MollieJo - August 24

Wow, I can't believe they started you with IVF without trying clomid first. My doctor said clomid is pretty effective for woman with irregular and/or anovulatory cycles. That is nice that you want to donate your meds, I didn't realize they were so expensive. My insurance doesn't cover any fertility testing or treatment. When I see my doctor it's for amenorrhea and I pay out of pocket for clomid (which is not bad). I even work for a hospital system that has it's own health insurance and they even have an infertility clinic but they still won't cover it!


mattiewinrow - August 24

I was surprised too when i found out that i had a less expensive option to conceiving and i still can't figure out why the doctor at the fertility suggested IVF as being my best option on my first consultation with him. I guess i looked desperate or sounded such. It all happened like a whirlwind, I immediately went in for an ultrasound, was put on all kinds of hormonal meds, did a lot of blood work and just when it was a month away from the actual retrival, the company i was working for decided to downsize. At first i thought i was dreaming and then as each day went by and i kept staring at the bag of injectables and my bank statement and just couldn't believe that after all that money nothing would happen. I went into a depressive state and was even hospitalized. I changed my Ob/GYN and she was the person who told me i had several non expensive options and couldn't imagine why my other gyn didn't tell me that but rather referred me to Dr. Check.


Val - August 24

Hi Mattie and MollieJo - I noticed your post and thought I'd join in. I'm on my 3rd round of Clomid and am starting Prometrium at ovulation. My level last month was 8.8 which wasn't great. I'm hoping that low progesterone has been my problem all along (ttc since mc last August) Mattie, sorry about your job loss and the specialist. I think some clinics want to boost their success rate - maybe that's why he went straight to IVF with you. Or maybe it was because you had insurance. I would think IUI would be tried before IVF, and that's quite a bit less expensive. I hope this cycle works out for you!


mattiewinrow - August 24

Hi Val,
i think you hit the nail dead center on the head when you said maybe it's because I had insurance. I remember him asking what kind of insurance i had and when i told him he had one of the admin call the company to find out how much coverage i had. Go figure.... he found out that i am covered 100% for at least up to 3 trials of IVF treatments. You should see the beautiful letter he sent to my Ob/gyn thanking her profusely for sending me to him. I saw him for the first time in Nov 06 and by January we were well on the way of completing the process. i even had to attend a class on injection instructions which i had to pay for of course hosted by a couple of the nurses at the IVF clinic. Anyway, that's by the way now and I'm looking forward to the IUI and any other less expensive process. I'm 33 and dh is 49 so you can see, time is against me and i want to so desperately have as many babies as i can and as God is willing for me to have and take care of. i have one adopted daughter named Miracle and she is 3 and a blessing to my life. I need all the baby dust i can get


MollieJo - August 24

Val- I hope the prometrium works for you! I am getting my level drawn next week. I think it's going to be low because last cycle I got a positive OPK on cd16 then AF on cd25. That just seems way too short.
Mattie- I am glad you have a new doctor that is looking out for you not how much money they can make off of referals and insurance.
I wish you both the best of luck. :)


MollieJo - August 28

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I got a pos OPK on Thurs and tomorrow I get my progestrone level drawn. I hope it will be ok but if it's not at least I know there's a way to fix it!


Val - August 28

hi! Mollie, I hope you have good prog levels tomorrow and that your lp is longer this cycle! Are you on prometrium now or are you taking it this cycle? Mattie, I think my doctor is doing the opposite of your original one - I get the feeling he's not doing much monitoring because I don't have insurance that covers the fertility tx. Kind of a bummer. My update: cd12 and planning to start opks tonight or tomorrow. I've been getting a positive around cd18 so I don't want to start them too early.


MollieJo - August 28

Val- I take prometrium in order to have a period (otherwise I only get them a few times a year) I am getting my progestrone checked this cycle because my first cycle had a really short leutal phase (only 9 days). I really hope the third times the charm for you and that the prometrium will help!!!


MollieJo - August 31

my progesterone came back at 0.8!!! I cried for hours. My doctor gave me vaginal progesterone suppostories and I see him tomorrow to figure what to do next....


Val - September 1

MollieJo, I'm sorry about your progesterone level. :-( I hope that the doctor say that he/she can address it... let me know...


MollieJo - September 1

My doctor gave me the progesterone suppositories. He wants me to use them until I get my AF then take a break and start them again on cd3 with my clomid. He said the progesterone in them is not high enough to prevent me from ovulating but it is high enough to start building up the uterine lining. He is keeping me on 50mg of clomid b/c he thinks I am ovulating on that dose. Where are you at in your cycle?


Val - September 2

Hi MollieJo - I'm glad he prescribed the progesterone - I think that could definitely enhance your chances. Did you and dh bd at the right time this month? I'm on cd17, hoping to ovulate within the next 3 days. Still no +opk, but I've gotten it around cd18 for the last 2 cycles, so I'm hoping this will be the same. Sending you good thoughts and baby dust. :-)



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