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HELP ME - October 14

my doc told me to put this tablet (progestrone)vaginally when u will get pregnant to prevent M/c .i am confused as i read sideeffects of me frnds . i am not pg yet but i need the answer


Toni - October 14

The only side effect most people I have is sleepiness. I am on 3 doses a day (2 by vaginal and one by mouth) and I have no real symptoms from it at all.


ol. help - October 14

r there any side effects to baby?i am not concerened about myself , i want my baby to be healthy.Tony r u pregnant? if so for how long u been using it? thanx for the help


Toni - October 14

No side effects for the baby. I have had two healthy kids and both times I was on prog. The prog really helps prevent the m/c. I am trying for kid number 3 right now.


help me - October 14

thanx allot toni... i was feeling so low that what will happen. Actually i am not pregnant yet but soon to be one day i hope this is my month i thot i will ask about this prometrium before using.
thanx allot


Toni - October 14

You are welcome! Good luck!



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