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tbtemplet - July 10

Anyone on Prometrium and got pregnant right after taking??


MelissaV - July 10

This is the 3rd cycle I'm taking Prometrium. I take 200 mg once a day on CD 16-28. No successes yet, but I know progesterone is only part of my problem. Are you taking it?


NB - July 10

I am taking prometrium, and just finished my third cycle on it. I take it once a day from cd12-cd32 or af, whichever comes first... and the last couple of months af came around cd26.


tbtemplet - July 11

I am taking it from cd 16-28 also... same 100 mg. 2x a day.


NB - July 11

I am only taking it to prevent af from coming every two weeks, and so far it has worked. My progesterone levels were high and my prolactin levels have been dropping... it was 25 a couple of months ago, and then dropped to 21. I haven't had it checked for about 2 months now. No other issues that I know about at this time! :)


MelissaV - July 11

My doctor prescribed it after my progesterone level came back at 10 on my day 21 test. I have noticed that my luteal phase has been more consistent the past few months, but so far not pg. I was dx with endo last fall, and had a lap, so I suspect my tubes were never completely cleared. Go back to dr on the 27th, so hopefully, I'll find out more then.



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