Prometrim question?
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marymo - February 16

I was wondering if anyone has been or is currently on Prometrium pills that you do vaginally? Are they costly? any side effect? Has anyone achieved a pregnancy using these only when they had regular cycles?


Mega - February 19

I'm currently using Prometrium, vaginally to support a pg actually. My dr tested my prog. when I got my BFP & at 18 he thought it was a little on the low side. My Prometrium script is covered by insurance, I think like $12 copay, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure about s/e though b/c it's hard to say what causes what. But having taken prog. before when I wasn't pg, I do know prog. s/e can mimic pg signs too. Confusing! Anyway, do you have low prog. levels normally? If so it might not be a bad idea to start prometrium after you O, assuming the dr thinks it's warrented. Prometerium (prog.) typically isn't used as a fertility aid per se though, more like support. Good luck! HTH!


marymo - February 20

Mega, was your progesterone level low before your pregnancy? Mine was 8.2 last year, this year its 10.0. I have two options, the progesterone suppositories or Clomid. Im going to do the progesterone first for about 2 or 3 months, then maybe Clomid. Yep, I do know you need a high progesterone level to support the baby, I was just wondering if it fixes infertility too, but probably not, just wishful thinking!!!! Clomid kinda scares me, with the whole multiple thing, so Im taking one step at a time. Thanks for your reply. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!


patrizia - February 20

hi marymo. my RE just put me on progesterone. i was on injections but responded terribly. (i didnt respond at all and developed poylps) so now she put me on progesterone (orally) for 10 days of my cycle..from day 16 to day 25. i thought it was kinda weird since i do not ovulate. but i think they choose the progesterone so it can even out my hormones a bit. why did the Dr. choose progesterone for you ?---ohhhh i also have irregular cycles.



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