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Apalonia - May 20

Hi, Anyone hear of high prolactin level precenting pregnancy? I was sceduled to start ICSI this month and they have put a hold on it due to high prolactin levels. They said this could indicate overstimulated cell levels in the pituitary gland in the brain. I was just wondering if anyone knows what is normal??? Just another hoop to jump through. At the very least, at least the doctor didn't take my money without investigating. It is a long weekend in Canada so tests won't be back until Tuesday. Too much waiting for everything!!!


Sara - May 21

Hi Apalonia, I had high prolactin levels back in feb before dh & I were suppose to start IVF. I was sent for a MRI of my brain & it revealed I had a microadenoma (benign tumor on the pituitary gland). I then began taking bromocriptine (parlodel) for a few weeks & my levels dropped down to the normal range. I guess the spectrum (for my hospital) goes from 2-23, anything beyond 23 is considered elevated. I was at 36 then it started dropping down with meds to 25 then to 14. After that my ob/gyn told us we were ready to start IVF. Good luck to you... I too live in Canada.


Apalonia - May 21

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your answer. My level is 24.5. I am hoping tomorrow it will go down. I read about the drug on the net and I guess it works. I was freaked out thinking I would have to have surgery or something. You know how your minds runs wild on you. Thanks so much for your answer. It really made me feel better. Have you done the IVF yet? Polly


Sara - May 21

Hi Polly, the drug works but it has its side effects. For me it was the nausea. The 1st night I took it I had the dry heaves all night. make sure you take it with food, It does get a bit better with time. I'm finished the bcps this sunday then I start the injections the same day. I go for my teaching seminar this friday. It will be hard to keep straight all the meds I have to take. I hope all works out for you. Are they planning to start you on the med right away? or did they recommend an MRI?


angel1976 - May 21

Hi Apalonia, I was diagnosed with a microdenoma (my prolactin level was 3x above the high end of normal range) as well after not having a period for 8 months after coming off bcp. My endocrinologist prescribed Cabergoline (Dostinex in the US), 0.5mg twice a week. And it worked really quick! I literally ovulated 3 weeks after starting on the meds. Only side effects were headaches, which are now almost gone. I think bromocriptine is normally prescribed if you are TTC as Dostinex hasn't been tested as much but Dostinex is meant to work a lot faster and the endocrinologist doesn't think it's a problem getting pregnant on it as long as I stop the meds the moment I get a positive test. Good luck! Don't worry too much as it is easily fixed. Ax


Apalonia - May 21

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your support. I am not so much worried about it as I am about jumping through all these hoops to get pg. It's been one thing after another. My DH has a low count. I had to have surgery to remove fibroids. It's just too much. I thought this was going to push me over the edge. I guess I will have to go for an MRI which will take another 5 months probably and a coupleof moths to even see someone and then waiting for the meds. I was supposed to start IVF this month and I am so upset. I guess I will find out tomorrow.


Apalonia - May 22

Can you tell me how long it took for you to go down in levels? I got the results back today and it is elevated about 7 points. I am so nervous I am starting to lose it.


Sara - May 23

Hi Polly, the med work pretty quickly, my levels started to go down in 2 weeks, it went from 36 to 25. The doctor then decided to up the dose just a bit & then (I think a month) it went down to 14. I can imagine how frustarted you are. I've had my hopes up many times just to have them vanish in an instant. It's not fair. Will he put you on the med right away then recheck your levels while you wait for an MRI?


Apalonia - May 23

I hope so. I have a specialist appointment today, which I thought was strange to gt me in so fast. It's just that I knew as soon as they mentiond it it was going to be trouble. That's just the story of my life. They kept telling me to relax, the IVF is being booked, nothing to worry about. I am a little ticked because he has had these tests for many weeks and never mentioned anything until the day I booked the IVF. They were encouraging me to book it a week before but I had to clear my schedule. I think the doctor knew he screwed up becasue he gave me back my 250 booking deposit. I'm in Toronto. I've been to 2 clinics so far and am thinking about moving to a third after this fiasco. There is a clinic in Mississauga right now doinf a 3 for 1 special on IVF. I may look into that now that I have time. I won't be able to do IVF for the next 2-3 months because in July I teach summer school. (nee $ to pay for IVF) In August, on the next cycle I will be on vacation with my DH. We've had it booked for a long time. So maybe sometime at the end of August. Hopefully the levels will be down by then.
Thank you so much for your help


Apalonia - May 26

The Sopecialist appointment went just as I thought. He gave me meds (Dostinex ) and ordered an MRI. I am sure it will take ages. So I won't be doing ICSI for a while. I was really looking forward to it. Best of luck Sara. I am still afraid about the levels. What do they do for microadenoma?? Does the medication shrink it? I am a bit scared.


Sara - May 26

Hi Polly, You just take meds for a microadenoma. I actually work in MRI & the radiologist went thru my scan with me. He said they rarely grow & they can shrink with medication. I went for my teaching seminar yesterday. I start suprefact tomorrow morning. i'm not looking forward to the needles but it had to be done. Good luck to you too. I hope you don't have to wait very long for an MRI. Do you know what the waiting list is like?


Apalonia - May 27

Hi Sara,
Proably 2 months he said. I just wish I could keep my chin up. As I am sure a lot of us have wondered if this is ever going to happen. It's like everymornng you wake up smiling and then you realize you've got this huge thing weighing on you. Somedays I just want to give up and get on with my life. Two years of this is enough and I think this is the final blow. Sorry for the drama. Maybe I'm getting a touch loopy! Thanks for your help.


Sara - May 28

I know exactly what you mean Polly. This will be our 4th yr of TTC. I never thought we would ever have to do IVF but now that I'm here, I'm relieved b/c it (hopefully) will answer our prayers. Try to hang in there (easier said then done).


Apalonia - May 28

Hi Sara,
thanks. I never thought we would have to do IVF either. I did not think it would go this far. I am scared to do it as well because I think that if it doesn't work what other choices are there. Anyway, as soon as I can I will do it. thanks for your support. Let's keep talking when you have the chance. I would like to know how things turn out for you!!


Sara - May 29

Hi Polly, I'm scared to do IVF too b/c if it doesn't work there isn't anything after that to do. I will keep you updated on my progress (and you the same). I'm on day 3 of the suppression injections.


Apalonia - June 1

Is that when thye are supposed to put your body into like a fake menopause? Did you start these injections before AF or on Day 3. If I would have started I would have started on day three. He says there is a long course and a short course. I don't know the difference. My MRI is booked for July 6. They booked it for August but I called and they changed it. Anyway, I have now taken two of the Dostinex pills. After next Thursday I am going to go to my family docotr to ask him to check it. Didn't having the tumor make you scared? thanks again for talking with me. I can't tell my family any of this because they are a bunch of freaks. We are close but they don't take bad news well. Take care.


Sara - June 3

Hi Polly, I started the supression drugs on CD22. They are getting better. I do them in my stomach where there's more fat. I wasn't scared at all finding about the tumor in my pituitary. I was actually releived b/c there was some answers to my problems. Plus, I knew it was a benign tumor & didn't need surgery. Good luck with your MRI. I hope all is clear & you can move on soon. Those prolactin levels will come down quickly with meds. I start my clinic visits this wed. I will be starting the stimulation (puregon) drugs this friday. Those will be twice a day...oh boy. Keep in touch...



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