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Ravini - March 28

Question: hi, i was diognosed with PCOS when AF stopped last july. It only came only if i took primolut N.. at that time i was 63kg with height 5'2". I tried clomid for one month and my progestorone on day21 was 12.3 which the doc wasnt satisfied with. How ever i didnt take the medication after that. we are now ttc again from march onwards... i have gone on a diet and come down to 56kg and now i am getting my AF without medication. Does it mean i am O'ing on my own ? My progestorone on day 21 of the last cycle was 4.3ng/ml which i think is low? (saw some where it should be over 10 in a normal cycle) What are my chances of becoming pg without medication? Thanks in advance Ravini


Katt - March 28

go to and purchase a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility - Revised 2001 (comes with software too) it will teach you about yourself, your cycle and most of all aid in ways to get pregnant naturally. I just got the book and finished the main bbt charting, cm check instructions. I am going to go ahead and start charting even though I am on cd 20. This book alone might help you discover your levels w/o a bunch of blood test and it will tell you if you are ovulating as well as when to have sex for baby making! It will also explain an af w/o ovulating. Way too much to fill in here. I havent even finished the book yet and so far I have recommened it to many because I believe in the all natural approach and in knowing I am in control of my body, not the doctor! hope this helps!


DD - March 29

HI, I also have PCOS and had a day 21 progesterone test it was ob/gyn said that is way too low to be able to sustain a pregnancy.. That was on 50mg clomid..After seeing an RE I am on Metformin everyday and will begin clomid in May, but this time 100mg. A higher dose of clomid will help get progesterone levels up..I don't really understand why, but that is what the RE told me, because she believes I did ovulate on the 50mg dose but thinks the 100mg will help with my low progesterone. There are also suppositories or pills, like prometrium to help with that. I would think maybe you could become pg without meds, but I am worried about your progesterone, since it is so low like mine...and my doc. did not sound happy about a 4. So, are you seeing an RE???? My RE knows way more about pcos than my gyn. did. Sorry this is such a long response. I hope it helps some??? I am not very overweight and I don't O at all which is why I will begin clomid again in dust..


Ravini - March 29

Katt and DD thanks so much for your responses. I will go see my gyno in a month or two may be... but i just wanna try my luck naturaly... lets see how things work out.. **BABY DUST***



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