Progesterone suppository absorption question.
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tj - March 14

I'm taking progesterone suppositories 2x/day rectally. I took one this morning and 3 hours later had a bm and a lot of the suppository seemed to be also there (sorry tmi). Is this going to be a problem? How quickly is it absorbed into your body once you put it in?


bump - March 14

please anyone?


kathy - March 14

I haven't heard of the rectal suppositories. I have heard of the vaginal inserts. I take Prometrium, pill form of progesterone. I think it messes with me but I know it works. I would talk to your doctor. Goodluck.


tj - March 15

thanks Kathy, the rectal ones are the same as the vaginal ones its just a preference to the way you use them. My doc likes it this way as its less mess and causes less problems like itchiness and sometimes infections. I decided to pretend I didnt lose the one and just did my next one after dinner and hope it doesnt make a difference in the grand scheme of things. I also heard of prometriuim but my supps have less side effects (just a bit of gas) and I have to drive and doc said often times prometrium makes you so sleepy and light headed that he didnt suggest I take them. I heard the best is the crinione gel but its much more expensive.


wannabeamom - March 15

Prometrium can make you sleepy and light headed. If you decide to try it, take it at bedt time. The sleepiness will be gone by morning! Babydust!


tj - March 15

thanks but he told me I would have to take it 2 or 3x's a day so taking at bed doesnt work for me the other part of the day.


Becca - March 15

Yeah, I took the progesterone suppositories...but vaginally b/c it goes closer and more directly to the uterus. I did have leakage that way as well. From what I've heard and read, as long as you have it in for atleast 30 before getting up or what not or using the restroom, enough has been absorbed into the body. I used them for quite a while each month in hopes of getting pregnant (they were used to help maintain any future pregnancy due to two miscarriages)...I finally did get pregnant, and used them until week 14 of pregnancy!! So far so good, I'm 21 weeks now and having a girl!! :) Good luck to you, I know they are no fun!! :)



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