progesterone suppositories... how to tell if preggers?
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nic - June 2

Hi, Im taking progesterone suppositories as of 3 days past ovulation. Will these stop AF from coming? I'm having a hard time working out how to tell if I'm pregnant... the suppositories cause temps to be higher, so i can't tell that way, and if it stops AF from coming, then I can't tell that way, and I had a HCG shot at ovulation and a week after, so I won't know until a week past AF is due if I'm pregnant because HPTs will show up positive beause of the HCG... so is there any way to tell??? Basically I want to know about AF suppresion because of the suppositories..?


cmelissa - June 2

Hi Nic,
I took those too, not fun!! Basically you wont get AF until you stop taking the progesterone. I usually have to go in for blood work to find out if I'm pregnany or take a HPT 12dpo. If you are negative than you stop the prog. and than a few days later AF will arrive - or if you are pregnant than youu keep taking them as long as the dr. feels needed!! Good Luck!! Also FYI the prog. definitely makes you have pregnant like symptoms, cramping and sore bbs


nic - June 3

cmelissa, thank you so so so so much for answering this! My stupid doctor (I hate him) of course never thought to advise me of this, the bugger. Here I could have been thinking I was pregnant when AF didn't show! And yes, I have pregnancy symptoms but I'm not fooling myself into thinking I actually AM pregnant. I've been through this too many times already (6 miscarriages...). Thanks again, you've really helped me. :-)


cmelissa - June 3

Hey Nic,
Glad I could help!! Good luck this cycle!! We will get preggers soon!!!



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