Progesterone supplement question
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KT - June 28

I really need your input. Last year I was pregnant after trying for 2 1/2 years, and went to my fert doc the day I got a +HPT for a blood test. My HCG level for the first couple of weeks was doing fine, but my progesterone was borderline. I was started on progesterone supplements immediately and went through tons of blood work. All the testing had me completely stressed out and in tears, and the progesterone didn't work because I had a M/C at six weeks- probably due to blighted ovum
After almost a year, I just got a +HPT (actually 4 of them because I didn't believe it). Part of me thinks I would have a better chance this time if I avoided all the stress of the testing I was put through last time by waiting a couple of weeks to call the doctor (if I were with my normal OB/GYN my first appointment would be for a 6 week ultrasound, while my Fert doc, just loves constant monitoring from the get go). Plus, I have heard mixed things about the progesterone supplements and whether they work at all or whether they might even be dangerous. If anyone has any input or experience I would really appreciate it.


ttcinNJ - June 29

Hi KT,

The Progesterone may or may not work, in most cases it has been known to work! But the progesterone that they prescribe for you, Prometrium is a completely safe and natural form of Progesterone, it won't harm mother or pregnancy.
You may need to start on the Progesterone as early as after Ovulation, this is what I had to do this month, I began the suppositories and pills straight after O. I have had 6 prior miscarriages myself.
I've read up alot on Progesterone and feel completely comfortable in knowing that it's very very safe to use. You may experience some pregnancy symptoms while using it and have to deal with some leakage from the vaginal suppositories but it's a small price to pay to have a successful pregnancy.

Don't let the monitoring stress you out, I think it's great that your OB/RE wants to pay close attention to you.

Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!

Here's a link to another thread on this site, lot's of women have professed to the success of natural progesterone in sustaining their pregnancies..

Just cut and paste the url into your browser:



KT - June 29

Thanks for your response. I appreciate your input.



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