Progesterone shot and pregnancy
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Mega - September 26

Hi! I'm 30, TTC #1 for a year now. I have PCOS, take Metformin & DH has 5% morphology. I took the progesterone shot on 9/16 to induce AF so I could begin my first IUI cycle. As of right now, AF is still a no show and my understanding from my RE is that it should've reared its ugly head in one week, and I'm still waiting. My concern then is if I am pregnant will the shot harm the baby? I'm concerned because before the nurse gave me the shot she gave me a pregnancy test (urine test) and it was BFN, but it might have been too early. If AF is still a no show tomorrow I'll do a HPT. But in the meantime, does anyone know if the prog. would harm the baby if I'm pg now? TIA.


Jodi - September 26

That is what happened to me! Only I took the pills and not the shot. We couldn't figure out why no AF came. Also had bloodtest done before starting meds. Sure enough when I went back in the resident (not the ALL KNOWING DR!) insisted on doing a urine pg test and sure enough it was positive. I have a 23 month old little girl. So maybe...


Mega - September 26

Thanks so much! Knowing you have a 23 mo. old little girl makes me feel so much better then that IF I'm PG it wouldn't harm the baby. I've got my fingers' crossed that's the case. I'm probably a little ahead of myself, but last time I took the pills to induce AF, it worked right on schedule for me so I thought the shot would do the same thing. Actually, I thought the shot would speed things up & I'm very impatient. LOL. Thanks for answering so quickly, I've been kinda worried all weekend.


Mega - September 27

Well, I took a HPT last night & got a BFN, so I guess AF just wants to take her sweet old time. The ugly witch. I'm just impatient to start my first IUI cycle. The nurse at my RE's office told me yesterday afternoon it could take up to 2 weeks after the shot for AF to come. Maybe I would've been better off letting this cycle take its own course. Or not! Oh well.



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