progesterone levels and pregnancy, HELP!!
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shan - May 19

Okay, this is my 3rd round of clomid. First month when i had my progesterone checked on day 24 my level was 21. This month (monday) day 24 my level was 79!!! What does this mean, the nurse said "let's just hope this means youre going to have a baby" So is this a sign?? I need some advice.thanks to all who can help, when should i test? What are good tests?


Crystal - May 19

You should be able to test on the day that your period should arrive. I dont think it is really safe to test any sooner. You may get inaccurate results.


shan - May 19

Does the level of prog have anything to do with being pregnant?


TS - May 20

From everything I have read, progesterone levels surge after you've maybe that's why the nurse said that, she was assuming the Clomid was working???? Good Luck to you!!!


TS - May 20

Oh yeah, also Progesterone levels should stay high if you conceive because Progesterone is the hormone that is made by the ruptured follicle after you have ovulated, it maintains the pregnancy. So yes, Progesterone has Everything to do with being pregnant!!!! :)


Kelly - May 21

Shan, your post got me very interested because I get my progesterone level taken on mon. I typed progesterone levels in google and found some info. that way. It turns out that your prog. level is high to not have missed af yet!!! In pregnant women a level 79 usually indicates 12 -28 weeks. Go to
and check it out. Baby Wishes to you!!! Hope this is it and please let us know :)



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