progesterone levels & pregnancy
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Mega - November 2

Hi. I took Clomid 100 mgs this cycle & had my first IUI on Oct. 24th. This past Monday I had my progesterone levels checked, it was 13.3, which my dr said indicates I did ovulate. I'm happy about that! How much of an indication is progesterone levels when it comes to predicting pregnancy? I'm probably grasping at hope here, but I'm curious about those newly pregnant women--what were your levels at the day 21 progestrone check the month you got pregnant? Was it towards the lower spectrum? Or the higher end? Did you have a low read & turn out pregnant? Thanks in advance! Good luck everyone! Baby dust.


relax mega - November 2

sorry but my doc doesnt believe the p4 (progesterone) levels after usiing meds since it can elevate it incorrectly. Try not to sweat it, if he said it was normal accept and move ahead. The more you stress the harder it is for your body to get pregnant. Everyone is different and you should not compare things like levels when the ranges can be so large. It only leads to unneeded stress.


Mega - November 2

You're right. I know you are. I didn't talk to him though. He just left the levels on my voice mail, I think I'd have felt more reassured talking to him. And I will call him. But thanks for responding! I appreciate it.


Molly - November 3

Hi Mega. I am on my 3rd cycle of Clomid 50 mg. My last 2 progesterone levels were really high and I was not pregnant. My first one was 58 and my second was 97!!! But I am now day 4 of my next cycle. Good luck!!


Mega - November 3

Thanks Molly. It's such a weird thing I guess, progesterone levels. Good luck with your 3rd cycle. I hope 3's a charm for you!!!



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