Progesterone levels after ovulaton
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glendag - September 24

Hi, I had a progesterone level of 11.6 yesterday, which was a week after the IUI. Has anyone had a sucessful pregnancy based on a level like that?


vick - September 24

My doctor say's that 10 is normal...and anything over 15 is Pg.....Not to try and disappoint you


Molly - September 27

Hi! I just had a day 21 test (i'm on clomid 50mg) and my level came back at 58. But I'm not sure that progesterone levels are a true indicator that you are pregnant - just that you have a good chance of getting pregnant and sustaining pregnancy if it's higher than 5. I have read that some people have had levels higher than 40 and have not been pregnant.


TC - September 27

I had a level of 32.2 on day 20 and I was not pregnant.


Kerri - September 27

I believe that around 10 is minimal to sustain a pregnancy---I did have one friend who's progesterone level was around 9.5 and she had a successful pregnancy. 7dpo my progesterone was 16.6 and I just found out that I'm pregnant. I hope this helps and good luck!


Lena - September 27

5 is the minimum level 8 dpo to indicate ovulation occurred. 10 is the targeted range. I believe my level was 10.8 at 8dpo the cycle I became pg.


Kelly - September 27

Hi, my level was at 50.3 and I was not pregnant, just responded to the Clomid very well. Good luck!!


to glendag - September 27

keep in mind also that women taking clomid and injectibles that their p4 progesterone on day 21 will be an elevated number. i learned this yesterday after my 2nd iui. doc said that the meds change the way the numbers read so they dont do a day 21 p4 test just a pg test on day 25 or day 26.


Colleen - October 5

Hi everyone, I had my first IUI on 9/28. Progesterone level on that day was 5.2. Had Progesterone level done this morning and its greater than 50. Any suggestions??????



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