progesterone levels
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tonyaandjoe - May 9

what does your levels has to be to find out your pg?does anyone know?


ROBYN - May 9

Usually an hcg of 5 an above is considered pregnant anything under is not.


Tink - May 9

Robyn is right, you HCG must be above 5, but your title of the question mentioned progesterone. progesterone is tested because if it is low, they will supplement it (injections, pills or suppositories or creams)- progesterone supports the pregnancy, so they do track that number, IF you are pregnant. i think docs like to see it over 10 during your first few weeks of pregnancy. if you did IVF, they might want to see it even higher than that, like 20 or 30. But if you are pregnant and your progesterone is under 10, they will probably supplement it. Low progesterone can indicate a threatened miscarriage.


linds99 - May 9

I think you are asking about progestrone right? The doctors like to see anything above 10 on a natural unmedicated cycle of ovulation and at least a level over 15 on a medicated cycle (most docs want 20 though on a medicated cycle these days...)


wantanotheraftertr - May 10

Tonya do you think you might be pregnant? I will cross my fingers for you! Babydust!!!


tonyaandjoe - May 11

there is a possibility that i can be. but see every time they check my levels they say it is less than 1.i am hoping that this time they will say that it is higher.the only meds they give me is my fertility pills.i was just wondering what they had to be before i can get a +.


wantanotheraftertr - May 12

I see what you mean I don't know if they ever checked mine and what they were if they did! babydust


slowpoke01 - May 12

your progesterone cant tell them if you are pregnant or not. i have had progesterone levels in the 30's and 40's with clomid and not been pregnant. progesterone only tells if it is only a 1 then you are not ovulating and they need to put you on meds to make you ovulate. 5 and above in a non medicated cycle means you ovulate and in a medicated cycle it should be 15 and above, if they are 1 either in medicated or non medicated then you are not ovulating and cant get pregnant and the doc needs to change your meds or increase the doseage.


tonyaandjoe - May 12

oh i see hopefully then they will be greater than before.



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