Progesterone Levels
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ema52 - November 10

I just went to get bloodwork done to check Progesterone levels at CD22. Does anyone know what score I should range to know if I ovulated?


Boo b do - November 10

Hi Ema, my doc wanted my level to be 35, I last tested 42.5 which showed I had ovulated. (so he said). These are UK results by the way. I think I have read that the scales used differ in the States, compared to the UK. Where are you from? Good luck with your results.


linds99 - November 10

non medicated cycle should be anything above 15...a medicated cycle should be anything above 20. These are healthy average levels.


ema52 - November 10

I'm from the U.S., Bob b do. Linds99, what do you mean medicated cycle? I only took Clomid 50mg...does that indicate a medicated cycle?


Boo b do - November 13

Hi Ema, Linds, I too am not sure what you mean by medicated cycle, I assume you mean with assisted help thorugh medication like clomid? I guess as I am from the uk, I will ask my doc next time I see him what my levels would be if I were not taking clomid. My 6th month of taking it will be on my next cycle and according to the literature, you can only take it for this amount of time. Good luck in getting your BFP's.



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