Progesterone levels
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mimmi - February 23

last week I had a Progesterone blood test done to see if I am ovulating or not. Mine is at 41.4 (don't know the measurement). I have to wait a while before I see a doc. But I am very curious to know how I am doing. The receptionist who gave me the results told me the range is 25-90. So I am ok. But when I was looking on Internet I found that the range is 2-28 ng/ml in the leutal phase. I am confused. Can anybody share your experience/knowledge on this. Eagerly waiting for UR replies.


Mega - February 23

That's an excellent level. From the scale my RE goes on, 10 & above is indicative of Ovulation. Scales do vary quite a bit though, definitely go by your drs scale rather than the internet. Also though, did you have your progesterone b/w done at approx. CD21? If not, what CD did you have it drawn on? Do you have long, irreg. cycles, is that why they think you might not be O-ing? Good luck! HTH!


mimmi - February 24

Thanks for your reply Mega. Yes I do have irregular cycles - that's why they wanted to check if I am ovulating or not. This blood test was done exactly a week before my periods which started today :(
It was on day 27. Anyway, I am very happy that I am ovulating.


Mega - February 24

Yeah, with long, irreg. cycles most women don't O on their own, so it's great that you do. I have PCOS myself--before I got dx ,each cycle got longer and longer til I went 75 days btwn AF's. So without Clomid or the like I don't O on my own. But I just had Ovarian Drilling last week so I'm hoping I'll be PCOS-free at least for several months. :) Good luck, mimmi. Keep us posted.


Tracy - February 25

Good progesterone level. Not to worry. You seem to be producing nice follicles by looking at that number alone.


Moly - February 25

Hi I have had 6 failed cycles of Clomid and when they checked my levels the first time, it was 57 and then the 2nd cycle was 98! they stopped checking after4 that as it was obvious that i was ovulating. I have just been properly diagnosed with PCOS, so that could have played a part in the Clomid not working. i have heard that you need a level of above 10 to carry a baby, so 41 sounds great! Good luck!



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