Progesterone levels
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einfanti - January 17

Anyone know what progesterone level indicates a pregnancy when the bloodwork is done 7 dpiui and you have been using progesterone suppositories. I know there may be no way to tell, but I am trying to cheat to get an idea of whether I am pg or not without having to wait!


Mega - January 17

Hi Einfanti. Unfortunately, from all that I've read, there is no magic progesterone # that indicates pregnancy. I've heard of women with levels in their mid teens be pregnant, & women with stupid huge levels not be pregnant. As a general rule of thumb though, it may be a good sign if you do have high progesterone levels, though like I said it's not a hard & fast rule. Have you got the results back yet on your prog. levels? What were they in previous cycles? I'm curious b/c I'll be on the supplements this cycle for the first time. If you find out there is a "magic" prog. level let me know! :) HTH!


einfanti - January 17

I am testing on Mon for prog level. I don't know my levels from the last time - I forgot. I am more aware of HCG levels and likelihood of twins/multiples. I followed that very closely with my 1st pregnancy. I think I had twins for a very short while, but only ended up with 1 by the time we did the 1st scan. I am on the suppositories starting tomorrow night. Then 2/day and I test Mon. I HATE them - so messy and gross! I will let you know what my levels are on Mon and will ask what they were b/f the suppositories so I can get a reference #.
What is your story? Did you just start an IUI cycle? Where are you now? I am 2 dpIUI and freaking out waiting for the pg test on the 30th!


lene - January 17

einfanti, how r you? Was reading and saw that you and me are on the same deal. i go for blood on monday. let me know your levels as i will do the same. So i will hope our levels are high...that can't be bad...just not a guarantee.


einfanti - January 17

right - I saw your post on another (very long) thread and u said u were testing the 30th. I am so anxious about it - can't wait. And I will cheat with hpt - probably 12dpiui. U a cheater 2? I will let u know my prog level on Mon - seems so far away though. Someone else from another thread is testing on the 31st. This boat is filling up!


Mega - January 18

Hi Einfanti. Yes, I just started my 4th IUI cycle last week. And I'm a late O too. I'm finishing my last Clomid tonite, the estrogen patches Sun., & then prog. suppositories post-IUI. So it'll be a long wait til my prog. test, but I am curious to see how your levels are after the suppositories. It's weird to me that my prog. levels were down last cycle. I think it was b/c I was also on estrogen patches to raise my uterine lining. Is there a correlation? I'll check back on this thread later to see your prog. results. Good luck.



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