Progesterone level was 10???
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ema52 - December 14

Has anyone had a progesterone level of 10 and been able to get pregnant? I'm on Round #2 Clomid 50mg CD 3-7. Please help.


tonyaandjoe - December 14

hi, i hope you don't mind. i am on 2 cycle of clomid of 100mg on cd 5-9 and my progesterone level was 12 pt something. i was told that i could be pregnant and for me to take a test. i did this morning it was negative but really, really faint. i go back to the dr. on mon. and do an u/s to see if i am and if i ain't to see why i didn't.


ema52 - December 14

tonyaandjoe, hopefully you are pregnant. Baby dust to you!!!!!!


tonyaandjoe - December 14

i hope you get pregnant also.only thing i can tell you is not to give up.


Tenk - December 14

Hi Ema, on non medicated cycles they like for your progestrone level to be like 10 at 7 dpo on medicated cycles they like for it to be 15 at 7dpo. For them to think you conceived it would probably have to be a little higher than that. Honestly all the prog test does is tell them if you O or not. Mine was 15 at 4dpo on clomid 100mg CD1-5. I did conceive that cycle but I miscarried last week. Good luck



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