progesterone level question
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Melissa - December 19

This was my 2nd clomid cycle. Last month my day 21 test was 20.9. This cycle I was tested on day 22 because of bad weather. It was 84.7. I have been on 50 mg for both cycles. What could cause the big increase?


Moly - December 19

Hi Melissa, i have had a similiar experience to you. I am also on Clomid 50mg (now cd 19 on 4th round). My first prog. test came back at 58 and my second cycle of Clomid came back at 97! I have no idea why it increased, all I know is that I would have ovulated both times. I was hopeful that the high level would indicate pregnancy, but it didn't. Good luck!


Mindy - January 1

I go for a progestrone test next week, can anyone expain what numbers mean?



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