progesterone cream?
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Saird - August 23

Hi girls, I posted earlier about being on CD65 and having thrush in my mouth, and some nice girls responded and said perhaps I have a hormone imbalance- so I was just wondering if anyone here has used progesterone cream to help this? or taken other herbal remedies- i've read chasteberry can help too...any ideas?


slowpoke01 - August 24

saird i am gonna bump this up for you so that maybe someone will answer. i have never used progesterone cream so i dont know anything about it but i know there are alot of women who do. good luck


linds99 - August 24

DO not use progesterone cream for a thrush problem unless your doc prescribes it to you. You could get adverse side effects from it...because having too much progesterone at the wrong time during your cycle could really throw things off for you. I have used it (Crinone) ONLY during the luteal phase after ovulation because I had low progesterone levels determined by a blood check. Please, If you do not know for sure that you have ovulated, do not use it. Also, you really should get your progesterone levels checked before using progesterone supplementation, because that hormone for you may be working correctly, it may be that you have estrogen dominance or too much testosterone or too little estradiol, etc...but you will never know for sure until you get your CD 3 blood work done. Progesterone is also checked during the follicular phase because a small level of that hormone does exist early in the cycle after menstruation, but a 7 day post ovulation progestrone level check is frequently done too.If you have a thrush problem, yeast over growth, try eating raw garlic or buy garlic pills. Garlic is known to kill bacteria in the body sometimes better than antibiotics. Lots of water and garlic usually does the trick for me to clear up a vaginal yeast infection. I even read some women putting a garlic clove in cheese cloth and inserting it inside their vagina for a few hours every day, but I have not tried it, so I don't know if that works. If you have thrush in the mouth, try gargling with baking soda and water every day three times per day. If you are looking to get herbs in your diet, try evening prim rose for better cervical mucous secretion or red raspberry tea for uterine support or chasteberry for ovulation support. Alot of women try drinking green tea during the follicular phase too (not during luteal phase because of the caffeine.)


linds99 - August 24

Again, if you are on cycle day 65, you may have a cyst delaying menstruation. Cysts can really screw up your cycle, they actually generate hormone release, estrogen in the body, so it is likely you do have a hormone problem this cycle. Are you seeing an RE?


Saird - August 25

Hi girls, thanks for all the advice. I do drink green tea, and I just bought chasteberry and wild yam and soy isoflaves cream. Apparently it promotes hormonal balance. And I've only seen my family doctor and he seems to think nothing is wrong with me and that lots of women have irregular cycles. I then am dismissed feeling like a hypochondriac. So that is why I am reluctant to pursue this...I'm going to try this chasteberry and see if this helps. Thanks again.



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