Progesterone Cream
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Luv2getpreg - March 18

Hi I would like to know if using all Natural Progesterone Cream will increase your chances to conceive. I am also on Metformin and Clomid with one blocked tube.


Katt - March 20

Hi Luv2getpreg! Well, my doctor has me on progesterone cream, 2 months now because I am estrogen dominate and ttc. Progesterone is an inhibitor to implantation. When the egg is fertilized it sends a message for the body to increase progesterone production. Due to my specific situation (the difference between my est & prog at the 22nd day prog peak isn't great enough) Dr has me using it from the 16th day of cycle to beginning of next af. I use 1cc from day 16 - 18; 2cc days 19 & 20; 3 cc days 21 - 23; then I decrease in same fashion ie 2 cc days 24 & 25; 1cc until af. I go to an Alternative MD, he doesn't believe in drugs to aid anything. He had me do a saliva 28 day FHP. Diagnos-Techs, Inc. performed the test. It is a mail-in test kit and the results show your entire cycle from start to finish. Anyone can get one here: I think it's 35.00 the testing is about $135 up front. I billed insurance and they didn'tpay, it was $221.00 - I just received the bill. Hope this helps you ;) baby dust!


bj - March 21

I just got a progesterone cream from arbonne. I haven't used it yet, but I have been told that it wouldn't hurt anything, and if anything, yes, it might help.


SashaP - March 21

I do not personally recommend progestrone cream. I tried it 2 years ago this month for 1 cycle and did not stop spotting from it until this past December. I used the Arbonne, the rep swore to me that it was the thing to do. I strongly recommend speaking to your DR it is not safe to mess with your hormones. And unless you have a know progestrone problem then this would not help. Plus the DR's like to monitor what you are doing to get pg. My
does not recommend it for the reasons I have said. Please don't put your self through what I've been through. Good luck and baby dust...........


Luv2getpreg - March 21

Thank you all for your response baby dust to you all


bj - March 21

thanks sashap. I'll definately talk to my doctor after reading your post.


SashaP - March 22

I had to post after I saw your post bj. I get scared for people when I hear they want to try it. I don't want anybody going through what I did. I still here the same reps telling people it's the best thing that they can do. I can't believe they are allowed to tell people that they need to balance their hormones when they don't know anything about any individuals hormone levels. I hoped this helped. Good luck to everyone. Baby dust.....


Katt - March 22

SashaP, what else did the progesterone do? Last month I hoped that I was pregnant because of implantation spotting, etc. As it turns out, it was the cream - which was my left brain conclusion because it was the only thing i was doing different. The doc says it takes a couple months for body to get used to it and that there are other ways to use it as well. Supposed to start applying again Friday.


SashaP - March 22

I would start spotting a couple of days after my af then the longer it went on it started anytime throughout my cycle. It got to the point that I was spotting more then not which caused me to stop ovulating. She put me back on the pill and I even tried Seasonal the 4 periods a year pill and I still kept spotting. She finally made me get a sonohystogram to see if I had a growth or tumor that she could not feel and a HSG in Dec. Besides having some debris in my tubes that got flushed out I was fine. I haven't spotted since. I don't know if flushing the junk out is what stopped it but something did. I'm finally back on track and learned a good lesson. I maybe just over sensitive but I would never try anything like that again. I take fertility drugs now and haven't had a bad reaction. Hope this helped. Baby dust and belly rubs.........


Katt - March 25

thanks sasha, I'll take it under advisement :) baby dust!



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