progesterone complications?
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medi12 - August 3

Trying this question in another forum........I had my progesterone tested when my OB confirmed I was pg. At that point, (15dpo) it was 23.3. OB asked me to come back in 7 days to test prog. levels again. The weekend before i went in, i had very bad cramping for about 3 days, which from what the doc said, and from what i have read online is normal. Coincidentally, the morning I go in to the office, all my cramping syptoms are gone, and my lower abdomen / uterine area is very tender. After they drew my blood, I was given a progesterone shot before i left " just in case". Needless to say, i just got a call from the doc, and my progesterone levels the day I went in dropped to 13(that was 5w2d) . I cannot find anything online showing that the cramping can be due to the dropped progesterone levels, just the usual info about miscarriages and that levels at 13 can be "Saved". . I am just glad they gave me that shot "just in case", as I am out of town right now and cant get into the office until Friday. Needless to say, I will find out more then and will have an u/s.....but in the meantime, I wanted to see if anyone else has had troubles with their progesterone dropping and everything turning out ok? Or as my symptoms seem to be dissipating ( still have tender boobs) if I am just biding time for a miscarriage? I am also wondering what info anyone has with taking progesterone, as I know some chromosome issues that can cause progesterone levels to drop are the "Downs Syndrome" compound



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