Progesterone...side effects
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mrsharrisk52006 - April 15

Hey girls. I have been taking progesterone pills for 6 days, tomorrow is my last. I haven't had AF in over 2 months. Just checking to see what kind of side effects any body has had. I have had severe indegestion for the past 2 days and nausea. I'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant although there is a possibility but, just really thinking this is the medication. Thanks.


Blakey - April 15

Hi, I have been on progesterone now for 2+month. This is my first pregnancy.
Progesterone can cause symptoms such as sore, and tender bb's- also fatigue....the symptoms can definitely mimic pregnancy. I never felt nausea with them, just sore bb's and very tired.
If I were you, I would take a home pregnancy test, espcially where you mentioned you have not had your period for 2 months, you could very well be pregnant.


dunne - April 15

Hi There, I am only on day 2 at the moment and seem fine, but I have noticed I am tired, I'm not sure if it's related or not. I am definately bit pg though. I came off the pill in Dec and my first af was on cd45 and my next was cd30 but now we are ready to go on clomid I didn't get my af so doc put me on provera for 5 days, hopefully it will work...Samantha


dunne - April 15

Sorry meant to definately not pg


patrizia - April 15

just wondering after taking the last progesterone pill when should af arrive ? and is spotting possible while using progesterone ?


dunne - April 19

Actually I was hoping someone could answer that question as well. As of tonight I finaished the Provera 48 hours ago and still do not have ag. A friend of mine said between 2 and 3 days. I noticed you posted on 15Apr Patrizia, did you get your af yet, and if so how long did it take?


patrizia - April 19

hi dunne--as for meno af yet. just spotting. but nothing that hits a panytliner. i guess that is NOT considered af ..????. my RE only wants a flow. not spotting. i dont knew. i have to relax a bit. i have been so stressed out about why af is not coming. it has been exactly 18 days since my last pill and no flow...!!!!!!!!! any advice. i dont want to see my RE yet.,because i thibk af is ultra delayed due to stress and i was sick with the flu last week. is your situation going. ohhh a side effect of progesterone that i noticed right away is weight gain...and some mild depression.



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