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miranda - September 20

did anybody get pregnant taking progesterone vaginally before you ovulate? i am on my 1st month of clomid and estradiol and i didnt ovulate yet but my dr had me start prochieve 8 % last night.....shouldnt you wait till ovulation? im so confused...


Toni - September 20

I think usually you wait until around day 18 to start prog. That is what I am doing. I would just ask the dr. why he is starting you so soon. I was under the impression that when your body makes prog. that that is the signal that tells your body to not ovulate again. Not for sure on that though.


miranda - September 20

today is cd 18 for me and he had me start on 17...i thought that too but i was looking on and there are lots of pregnancy charts where they started before ovulation but just to be safe i made a dr appt for tomorrow....thanks


Toni - September 21

Maybe they should do some sonos to find out when you ovulate. I found out my o was around day 16. Good luck!


miranda - September 21

i am pretty sure he will do an u/s dr is pretty nice and if im that concerned he will try his hardest to make me feel more comfortable.....good luck to you to!!!


Toni - September 21

That's great that you have a caring dr. That is so important. My first two kids I took the vaginal supp. and they came out great. But I got on those after I found out I was preg. Now I am on them to lengthen my cycle to sustain a possible preg. Trying for kids #3. Hope you get good info from your u/s.



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