progesteron level
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heba - May 18

My progesteron level is 17 on day 22 and i am trying to get pregnant for 1 year now i will be expecting my period after a week can this level be an indecation that i am pregnant? please help


shan - May 18

that number definately means that you ovulated this month!!!! Did you use OPKs or did you record your temps, are they staying up? What cycle day are you on? We are on our 3rd round of clomid 50mg, cycle day 26. Best of luck, keep me posted.


chiffon - May 19

My progesterone level is 17.6 on day 23 and my period is due Sunday. Does this level indicate I'm pregnant?


heba - May 19

My Dr refused to give me colomid don't know why? she told me to try normally so i don't know whay to do any help


shan - May 19

heba, how long have you been trying? Are you ovulating naturally? Because if you are the only thing it would help with would be a luteal defect. I don't know the details with your situation. good luck


heba - May 23

I have been trying for a year now and i already have a baby ...i try to make sex everyday and this is so painful ...what else should i do ?


fred - June 27




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