Prochieve worked for me
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florinna - January 8

I had a m/c last year and tried to conceive unsuccesfully for about 8 months. I was spotting for several days midcycle, so my dr. tested and determined I had low progesterone. I had earlier tried the natural otc progesterone cream (topical) but no luck. She prescribed Prochieve (4%, a vaginal suppository). The first month I took it I didn't even really try to conceive, just wanted to see if it would make the spotting go away, and boom we got pregnant (only tried once during the fertile days). I'm now in my 12th week and everything looks great. Maybe most of you have already tried this, but if not, it worked for me without having to resort to more drastic measures (Clomid, IVF). Also, I imagine it goes without saying, but so many women try unsuccessfully to get pregnant b/c they assume they ovulate on day 14. Never make that assumption; know for sure. (Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility.) Take temps and use an OV pred kit for confirmation. Remember you can conceive 4 days before and on day of ovulation. Again, sorry if I'm stating the obvious. Good luck!


Mrs.H - January 9

Thank you for your post. I've had a 24 day cycle for years and ever since I got married in Sept. my cycles have become longer...about 26 days making ovulation later. I'm 44 so I have the "advanced maternal age" thing going! Anyway I'm going to pick up a copy of that book! Best to you and your bundle of joy!



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