Prochieve anyone? sign of PG or symptom of medicine?
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waitinforalittleone - March 16

Usually my cycles are 30-31 days and we have been trying for 14 months now- first month of clomid,estradiol,and prochieve- currently on day 32 on no preiod yet :)- although taken 3 tests and BFN, last one on day 30, the last couple of days i have noticed an increase in discharge and find myself running to the bathroom to see if it is my period and wasn't sure if this was a sign of PG or side effect of all this medicine!


Tracy - March 16

I consider myself to be the wet blanket of clomid users. My period was late cosistently while taking the medication. I also had a lot of discharge. My heart hopes you get a BFP, so please don't take this info in a negative light. There are tons of success stories out there, I just have not been one of them. Good luck!


babyloves2play - March 16

Hi, my cycles are normally around 31 days also but when I'm on clomid they are usually around 35 days. I also ovulate later---normally around cd17 but when on clomid around cd20. I'm on cd34 right now. Still getting BFN's so I'm waiting for my af. I'm suppose to be ovulating normally but apparently I'm not. Oh well, gonna try again my next cycle. ~*~*Babydust*~*~


Becca - March 16

Hi, Well I was on Prochieve gel 8%, for quite awhile, and it does lengthen your cycle by a few days....I took many pregnancy test in hopes I would be pregnant, b/c the side effects also include fatigue, nausea and bloating..all signs of pregnancy. Hold out for a few more days then take one again, after months of trying with the procheive and what not I finally did get a positive!!!


bump - March 23




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