Problems with Metformin?
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sqeekers - June 13

I have been on Metformin for almost 8 weeks now, and still have not had a period or shown any real signs of ovulating. It is also still making me sick to my stomach. How long did it take for it to regulate your cycles, and how long til the sickness goes away? Do you take it all at the same time or do you space it out? I take 2 pills every night before bed, and always get very sick in the mornings. I am just starting to get very discouraged.


tamtam3 - June 13

HI -

I too also started on Metformin. Did you start at a dose of one a day at night for 5 days then work up to two pills a day. My RE told me to take one pill for 5 days at night, then on day 6 take 2 pills, one at noon and one at night. Then after 5 days on that schedule- add one more in the morning. So I will be taking them 3 times a day at different times. He said after you do that for a while you can take all three of them at one time but he says sometimes it is better to split them up. I hope that helps. Did you get sick taking just one of them at night or when you take both of them at the same time? My period this month lasted 23 days. I finally stopped. Yeah. Now just waiting for it to start again so I can start another round of Clomid. Good luck and keep in touch.



Lynn - June 13

i take 2 a day (2000mg). I take one at 6am and another one at 6pm. I have no ill side effects and have regular periods now. I have been taking it since October of 2005.


sqeekers - June 14

I started at 1 a night before bed for 2 weeks, then take 2 before bed, and if I tolerated it move up to 3. I started getting sick after about 4 days of taking 1, and am still getting sick, so I am still only taking 2. I still haven't had a period and its been almost 2 months. My doctor said if I don't start on my own in the next couple of weeks he is gonna force a period. I was just really hoping that after a few weeks of this my cycles would straighten out, but it doesn't appear that is happening.


pm1307 - June 14

i just started taking metformin on mnday, the first day i was sick, but it's going okay now. my prescription says to take 1 pill once a day. i also just got done with Provera 2 days ago and i got a period. which is good i guess. now i have to figure out when im going to start ovulating and what not



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