problems with husband
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help - September 18

Hi girls i really hope someone can help me with this, everytime me and Dh make love he gets up straight after to go wash himself he also washes his mouth out it's making me feel like he doesn't love me and i'm dirty or summit. please anyone who can help then please help as its getting me really down.... TTC 2yrs


t - September 18

Is he a clean freak about other parts of his life? Do you ever ask him why he does that? I think the mouth thing is particularly insulting. Will he be grossed out by baby stuff too?


to t - September 18

no thats what i don't understand he says he's always do it as he's been married before i don't know what to think. i thought when a man and woman are in love they make love then snuggle up together and go to sleep, am i thinking right or not is that what other people think


merlee - September 18

Maybe you should tell him how it makes you feel. My DH does things that upset me and when I ask why he does them I get some pat answer. Then, when I can't stand it anymore I have to tell him how I feel and what I am thinking. That usually gets him to open up and discuss it. Just a suggestion.


M'Rita - September 19

Hi Honey,

I wouldn’t worry about it. I myself normally get up straight after making love with my DH and go to have a shower and I love my DH more than life itself. ;-)) It is since we are TTC I will be there with my legs up for at least 20 min. I don’t think that your DH doesn’t love you just because he runs to the bathroom. We normally snuggle up together after we both had a shower; it’s just more comfortable as nothing is wet & sticky. LOL.
I guess if it really bothers you, just talk to him and ask why does he do it?
Love XXX Rita


Dawn (DS) - September 19

My husband sometimes not always washes himself after sex becuase like Rita we don't want to be going to sleep all wet and sticky. We always snuggle up after sex and go to sleep. Try not to worry about it to much.



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