problems with cycle or pregnancy
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41 and waiting - May 13

light bleeding 2 weeks after cycle april 28 what could this possibly be


Melissa - May 13

Have you taken a test? It could be implantation bleeding, or it could also just be a light period.


christina - May 13

I am having the same thing, i keep thinking its my period but its not heavy and it is before i was due, i am not sure what it is at the moment.


milissa - May 13

I was having spotting (brown) for a week off and on through the day..And it was when Af was do..then for three days i had blood very light!! it was more like pinkish not bright fresh blood, then 2 more days of spotting(brown) no cramps very very different then my normal periods..i have not taken a test yet because I have just stopped yesterday..And when I mean stopped I mean one min I was spotting and then just done?? could be that your body was trying to implant the baby but it did not go through..thats my guess..good luck


liz - May 14

Could be ovulation. Sometimes women experience spotting or light bleeding during ovulation. My cycle was also April 28th and I'm pretty sure I'm going through ovulation I have cramps but I have also experienced a bit of blood in my mucus during ovulation, so I would go for it if you are trying for a baby!


lyz - May 17

with my first pregnancy i thought i was having a light period, as mine have never been regular, but after two weeks of still spotting brown/black tar like blood i did a hpt and it was positive! worried i went to a+e and they confirmed it and did a scan and found i was 6 weeks! its was just a lot of implantation bleeding and looking back none of the dates were exact coz the implantation took place 2 weeks after ovulation so never think about it as text book as we are all different. now trying for baby 2!! good luck to you all xxxxxx



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