Problems Resulting from D&C?
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Ivan Tam - February 22

My wife and I just had a miscarriage, and are debating whether to do the D&C procedure or just let nature take its course. Although our doctor says a D&C is safe, we can't help but to wonder because a friend of ours had it done which caused complications in her subsequent pregnancy. Also, a doctor friend of ours also had a miscarriage and chose to do it naturally for the very same fear that it might cause problems in the future.

So we were wondering if we can get some feedback from people who've gone through a D&C procedure in the past and whether or not they're having problems getting pregnant now because of the procedure.

Thanks in advance!


linds99 - February 22

I had a natural m/c that occured about 2 weeks after the baby's heart stopped at 8-1/2 weeks (so at 10-1/2 weeks it happened). I wanted to do it naturally as I had the same concerns as you. I passed the baby and all the tissue (about 13mm of uterine tissue to be exact) in about 13 hours. It did hurt like hell, the contractions and all, and it was very, very bloody, but I still think I made the right decision. I also had an ultrasound the day after the baby passed out of me and it confirmed that everything was out. I think that for me, it was the right decision. Nature can take care of things on its own and do its thing if you allow the time for it to happen. But I also don't see anything wrong with women to opt to take the d&C and make the sad experience go away faster. I had to wait 2 weeks for the baby to decided it was over and bleed. She may not want to do that. It is a hard 2 week wait emotionally.


pmblake - February 22

I had 2 d/c's. They were both in the same year and I haven't had any problems related to them. Like Linds said - I opted to make the pain go away faster! Either way is extremely difficult and I'm so sorry for your loss. It's basically just a decision you need to make. I didn't bleed after either of my D&C's which was nice. I just woke up and it was over. I only had to grieve emotionally - not physically.


Crmardock - February 22

I had 4 m/c s (5th I delivered at 22 weeks, water broke for no reason) and decided to let nature take its course. I do know someone who had a D& C who later went on to have fertility issues due to scar tissue from the D&C. But then I know several who have had D&Cs with no problems at all and later went on to deliver healthy children.


SashaP - February 22

I've had 2 m/c's 1 natural and 1 D&C. I actually healed a lot quicker from the D&C then the natural. I had a friend who I actually saw in the ER the night I found out I was losing my twins and she told me to have the D&C b/c she had a natural m/c at 6 wks and some tissue was left behind. She developed a really bad infection and was told she couldn't have anymore kids. By some miracle she got pg a few yrs later but she did have bad complication due to the problem that she had with the m/c. So it can go either way with a natural or a D&C. I definitely don't regret doing my D&C I was also able to heal quicker mentally. Good luck with your decision!!



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