problems getting pregnant after c section
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xoxo - June 26

Hi, has anyone here had problems conceiving after C section? My first child was born 3 years ago via C section and now planning for a second child but no luck at all. I just wonder if my c section caused my secondary infertility. Well i hope not!


feliza - July 28

i gave birth to my eldest via c-section and so with my 2nd and 3rd and it all went well. so speaking from my own experienced, i don't think c-section can cause secondary infertility at all.


Mel - September 10

there is a tendency that c-section will cause secondary infertility but let us not just focus on one factor. i had a c-section before at the age 44, planed to give my baby a sibling after a year but never happened because of my age.


monica - September 11

it's really frustrating especially if you had no problems the first time. but there's no scientific proof that a c-section can cause a woman to have secondary infertility. so it may be something else.


MELISSAgg - January 16

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