Problems getting Preg and know one to talk to.
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longing for a baby - April 13

My husband and I have been trying to get preg for about 11 years now with no success. I have been on clomid about 7 years ago and nothing. 2003 I found out the I have endometreosis stage 2, so we finally went to a specialist. I then found out that my right tube is now blocked. My husband is fine which I am glad about. Well in Jan. we started a round with clomid and hsg shots. The first time I actually ovulated but it was not high enough. The second month I thought went good with no preg., but my levels were much high(progesterone). The third month my follicles were there then they were gone. So my hasband and I said we were going to take about a 2 month break. I am so tired of everyone telling me it is okay and it will happen when they have children and have no clue what I am going through. I feel llike I am not a complete women sometimes because I can not get preg. I try to be positive but sometimes I just want to scream and beat someone up and maybe I will feel better. Is there anyone that is in the same boat as I am. I just wish there was someone I could talk to.


tanner789 - April 13

i am in the same boat as you and feel all your frustration except i havent been trying as long as you im going on ttc for 1.5 yrs and that sucks so i have no clue how it must feel for you, but i am always told your young you have plenty of time youll get pregnant but these people wither had kids easily and havent gone thru what we;ve gone thru. my problem is im not ovulating on my own or even with assistance of fertility meds-and they have no answer for me. i do suggest you try maybe some injectables instead of just clomid you will see better follicel growth and will have more eggs to aim for best of luck, but do know your emtions your feeling are not abnormal-hang in there


longing for a baby - April 14

Thanks, I am trying to hang in there. I also don't ovulate, but I do with the clomid. I am suprised that they have not answers for you. The should figure out something. I wish that our ins. wouldd pay a little more for people like us who are having problems. That would sure take a little stress off of us. I am glad you responded I felt like I was out there all alone. Good luck with your doc. and I wish you the best.


marinaw - April 15

Hi,i have been in the same boat as you i was trying to conceive for 9years i was not ovulating and was given clomid blood tests showed i had started to ovulate with clomid but still was not getting pregnant so they checked my tubes they were both blocked and there was nothing they could do further for me i was sick,and felt alone i had no more options i was basically told i could not have kids it was my worst nightmare come true then another 3years from being told i could not have kids i fell pregnant all by myself no treatment and you no when i went for my scan i could not believe what i was shown twins but lost one when i was 12weeks i was gutted and dreaded looseing the other but this did not happen he is here and very healthy so be strong as i believe we have had similar problems, there is still hope for you,and never say never ,i feel for you as its a nightmare going through what you are,i am trying again for another my baby is 15months now but nothing is happening so i have just purchased some ovulex to try to help me conceive but weather they work or not i dont no,i no i now have a baby but i did go through what you are going through dreading every period i got and hated my periods comeing late as i used to think yes i am pregnant but never was that was just me getting tormented by my periods being late.good luck to you in your future


shen - April 16

hi, i understand how u feel bcos i'm feeling exactly the same. i feel down, lost and confused. i've been ttc for abt 5 years and have tried clomid, iui and failed. i intend to do ivf next cycle but i'm worried on the financial side as well as my current new job that may not allow me to take time off. I don't know what to do. I hope we can stay close together through this problem of ours because i also need someone to talk to.


wendi77 - April 17

I know what you are going through as well.My dh and I have been ttc for almost 7 years. We are on our 3rd doctor. We have been through Clomid and attempted 2 IUI's several years ago, but it didn't work out. Our doctor suggested surgery, so I had a laporoscopy last September. They found some endometriosis and some adhesions, which they lasered. My cycle was perfect the month after surgery, but we didn't get pregnant. My problems are not ovulating and irregular periods. My dh and I just turned 30 and we aren't getting any younger. It is hard to hear people say that it will happen when it is supposed to - we want it now. We must continue to be positive even when difficult at times. We want to attempt IUI with injections, but the cost and whole process scares me that I will end up with no pregnancy. It is soo stressful and difficult to keep a positive frame of mind. We are all in the same boat and having that support of others is soo helpful. Best of luck to all.


dlongen - April 17

HI ladies - I am here to provide some moral support. I also hope my story gives you all some hope. I can completely relate to all of your posts. I TTC for 5 years. I had an ectopic and lost a tube along the journey, lessening my chances. I finally conceived after 5 yrs with the help of clomid and progesterone supplements. I now have a beautiful baby girl. Before I got pregnant, I went through some really angry stages, and even had hateful thoughts when I saw a pregnant woman out in public. It is SOOOOOO hard to hear people tell you it will happen, and the time just isn't right, etc.... What do they know anyway??? What I will tell you is this - counseling REALLY helped me. It helped me understand that I had the right to have all my angry, crazy thoughts. It allowed me to give myself permission to blow off all the condescending people who think they know what you need to hear. I hope you ALL know you ARE complete, whether a baby happens for you or not. Having a baby does not make you any more of a woman. Of course I hope you all succeed in getting pregnant through your different trials, but I hope you all cherish those things in womanhood that you DO have. The road of TTC is SO hard - know that others are supportive and care about you and have had similar experiences and things have turned out well in the end. Happy thoughts to all of you and lots of DUST!


Imhealed - April 17

Longing for a baby, please don't feel bad, never be cast down in your spirit. My husband and I are trying to concieve als well. We have been married four years and I like you are longing to have my husbands child. I use to allow the comments of others to discourage me. They use to say negative things like, I'd never get pregnant , etc. I started to read 1 Samuel and I was encouraged at the promise that he gave Hannah. Not sure of what your name is, but I trust God for all things and in his timing My husband and I will have a child, and I too will give he/she or she back to the Lord. I'm believing God for you. Take care and let's all learn to keep this board in our prayers.


zimba - April 23

Hi All, your stories are all touching and encouraging. My dh and i have been tring for over a year now and have only just gone to see a fertility specialist to find out what is preventing us from concieving. Hopefully our results will be good. i can definately relate to dlongen when she says she had angry feeligs towards pregnant women when she was trying. i do feel like that sometimes. i do feel unhappy tht soemthing that others find so natural is proving so difficult for me to achieve. But my hubby is so good and so supportive and he give s me so much comfort. rhis keeps me gpoing and hoping that soon we will be parents. Don't feel alone my dear because you are not.


Apalonia - April 24

Hi GUys, Mind of I join the group. My DH and I have been trying for a while and his counts are reallly low. We've tried IUI 2x and it failed. We want to try IVF too but I agree that the cost is astounding. I'm afraid that if it fails we will have lost our chance. It totally sucks so Yes, I know how you feel. And I know that no stories you hear help. They just keep me thinking that "Well, when's it going to be my turn." UGh!!! Anyone on clomid or anything this month?


longing for a baby - April 28

I am so glad to have some people that I can talk to and you know exactly what I am going through. Well we finished our third round and decided to take a break. Financially and mentally I was starting to stress out and I know that is not good for a baby. Well I started on my own this time, but it was late, but I started. We are still going to try but just have some fun and maybe you just never know. I so know in July we would like to start back up and we are just going to go for IUI and hope that it will take. I am still staying in contact with my doc to let him know what is going on. Hearing all your stories has made me cry because I know that I am not the only one going through all this and hearing the stories there is always a chance. Thank you so much for you support and letting me know that I can be mad and it is all right. I get mad to hear some is preg and I just didn't think it was fair and I don't go to baby showers anymore because I just can't handle it. They don't always understand that but you do. Thanks I am praying for all of you to have success.


longing for a baby - August 7

Well I have been trying to stay really busy lately since we decided to wait a couple of months. During that time I had started a new job with better insurance that will give a discount on fertility treatments. Unbelievable never thought anyone did that. I am still see more and more freinds getting pregnant you just delivered and it is really hard for me to be happy for them when they say oh we weren't trying it just happened. I am going to be 36 years old this year and not getting young. I am so worried about problems, I have heard for so long that more problems can come up after 35 and I just keep telling myself that it will be alright, but you know you can only tell yourself that for so long. I just get so angry when I keep hearing it's ok or that it will happen. How in the world do they know haw I feel. I just feel like I am not a real women, I can't give my husband the one thing that a women is to do have a baby. He always tells me that if we are meant to be just us it is ok then that is more time he can spend with me. And I love him for that. But I so just want to have the joy to be pregnant and deliver a happy and healthy baby. Well I will be starting back up on my clomid in sept/oct. when ever I start again and this time we will be doing iui and I guess all I can do is hope, pray and wait. I am soo glad that they have posted this for all of us to be able to talk. How is everyone else doing? I haven't heard from anyone lately.


becy22 - August 7

hey me and my partner are trying not for as long as u .. but i feel like im never gonna get there.. only thing is we are both fine and still not prego. we are 23 so we have higher chances. but i just dont get why everyone else is prego except me. i get sick Of everyone saying ohh don’t try we didn’t and we got pregnant. Just wish I was too. Ne ways good luck.. hope it works out for u


Tink - August 7

don't let anyone tell you that you aren't a real woman. you are. more so than most women. having to deal with TTC and infertility makes us stronger than most women will every realize. how many of them can handle sticking themselves with a needle each night to TTC? how many can handle the pressure? so know that while you are in our special TTC/infertility issues club, it is a club of ONLY STRONG women. if you weren't strong, you wouldn't still be trying. so you are more of a woman in my eyes, child or not. i think you will find most women on this forum are in the same boat. and if they aren't currently, well then they have definitely been there. i went through a year TTC on our own and a year on fertility treatments- 4 months of clomid, 4 IUIs, a lap, an HSG and finally IVF. and it did work for me finally. feel free to come here and vent anytime- we all know how you feel, we have all been there or are there now. you are far from alone. so hang in there!!! wishing you lots of baby dust.


Wantstobeamother - August 9

Hello I'm now to this site, I'm so glad to find other women in the same situation as me. I've been trying to get prego since Mar 07' w/ no luck. I've had all the hormone tests done and there all normal. My husband was tested and he's normal. I even had an ultra sound on my uterus, tubes and ovaries, everything is normal and healthy. I've been stressed a lot at the begining so I started taking yoga classes and now I go to an acupuncture dr. once a week. I'm not stressed out anymore, I ovulate every month (w/ clear blue easy monitor) and I'm progestrone. I'm still not prego yet but I believe God has a plan for each of us and when the time is right he will allow us to become prego. I have stopped worry about getting prego, if it happens it happens, don't think about it. I also started taking Ovulex 2 weeks ago (1st day of period). I am a little worried though b/c I haven't ovulated this month since I've been taking Ovulex and I did my research and found so many wonderful results with this herbal pill. So I'm not sure if my body is just adjusting to it. Anyway I know what your going thru I've felt the same way as you and it doesn't help when your friends start getting prego and your still trying. I've cried so much about this, but you have to look past it all, relax and tell yourself its not time yet, keep trying, God will show you your plan.......


tynadu - August 13

Longing for a baby- I just read your Aug 7th post, and almost cried. I felt the same way. I would cry all night because I felt like such a failer. I couldn't do the one thing GOD put us here to do! How did we ever start to feel this way. I am so sure now that GOD did not just put us her to have babies. We are worth soo much more. But I do know all to well what you feel. I have been ttc for over 10 years and have made some really bad mistakes along the way.....I knew when I was very young I want to have lots of children. To tell the truth i wanted 13 children like my great grandfather had. When I started ttc it was with my boy friend at age 19 and when we broke up with my next boy friend. I was so busy tring to get pregnant I didn't think about the that I was having unsafe sex. And it never crossed my mind that something medical could be wrong. I look back now and know that I am blessed to have made it this far in good health. I know GOD is watching out for all of us.....I hope when you start back up things go well. Please do not stress to much, and pray often! I had to learn not to go into a total melt down after each failed cycle. I also didn't tell people I was trying to get pregnant until this last year, because everyone has something to say. For a long time I just told people I was not ready yet to have children. It seemed everyday someone was asking me when I was going to have children.....When I decided to tell my parents we were trying it was a big relief because my dad was always asking when we were going to get started, so he stopped after I told him. On the other hand some women, not in my family, would pick at me. One pregnant woman actually told me I could have her baby as a mean joke.......I hope you are able to find peace in your life with or without a child. And please don't forget about all the children who need a good adoptive family to come home to. I plan to adopt one day.

I am happy to say that I am pregnant now in my 15th week and I feel so Blessed. I always come back to these sites because I was here for so long it just feels like home. I must admit it feels great to go on the pregnancy site as well. I hope this story give you some hope, because even after 11 years your dreams could come true. May GOD Bless!!


tynadu - August 13

wantstobeamother- If you normally ovulate without Ovulex I would not start using it now. Just take a good prenatal vitamin everyday and see what happens. You said you know you ovulate each month, so I was wondering if that had been confirmed by your Dr.? If so, are they sure your tubes are clear? You find that out by having a Hysterosalpingogram(sp?) done.



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