Problems ejaculating
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shannon - July 1

Hi ladies, thank you for answering my question. My husband and I have been married 4 months and have decided to ttc in Jan. of this coming year. We are both 24 y/o. My question relates to the fact that my husband does not always ejaculate when we have sex. He ejaculates probably 1/3rd of the time. We have sex 2-3x/wk. He says its b/c he's "too excited", but I am beginning to think that is just what he says b/c he has problems with it. I am worried that this will affect us when we ttc. Anyone else have this prob. or have a soln? Thanks.


Beth - July 1

my husband had this problem for almost a year. Part of it was because he was in pain, but the other was because of some meds he was on. The doctor gave him some viagra, even though he's only 27, and that helped some of the time. We finally got him off of some of his pills, and now he's doing much better. Hopefully soon things will happen for you!


Hope - July 8

this is my first time in this forum.. my husband is facing the same problem for one month now, he says its stress . Can someone tell me more.....


Nena - July 8

Honey with wallnuts is very good stimulant - it is called "Sexy Sallad". Your men should eat that every evening like a spoon or two and see what happens. ;o)


shannon - July 10

Hope, are you ttc? Maybe he has feelings that he's not ready to have a baby? Have you talked to him about that? My husband is able to get an erection, just not ejaculate (probably only ejaculates 1 out 3 times we have sex). Anyone have any suggestions?



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