problems conceiving
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Chloe - October 4

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the first time for over 6 months now. We have had all tests done which show both of us are very healthy and fertile and no obvious reason to not conceive. I have tried every test under the sun (i.e ovulation kits etc) to maximise chances of falling pregnant, but am still unsuccessful. After 6 unsuccessful months, would that indicate we are doing anything wrong? or that something "may" still be wrong? or is it normal that a healthy, fertile couple is still unable to conceive after 6 months?


HotRodGurl - October 4

Hi, I'm sorry to hear such a healthy couple having a hard time to conceive. So you said you and your husband went to the dr. and were checked out inside and out and everything is healthy and normal. Absolutely nothing wrong? and you have tried OPKs and everything and still you can't get preggo. I'm assuming you are ovulating? Maybe too much stress on getting it right. So, did he do a semen analysis and everything came back 99% accurately alright? Did his come back alright? Sometimes it could be maybe your CM is hostile, or your body could be killing his sperm-rejection, or it is possible maybe you aren't ovulating on the months you are trying I've been told by many drs. and I've read that many women only ovulate 3 to 4 times a year, so maybe you haven't done it yet. OR you could have but it only lasted 12 hours some women ovulate for only 12 hours and that's it. And some ovulate 48 hours. But, if everything tests and all come out 99% (nothing ever 100%) a ok then, give it another 6 months try and if it still doesn't happen I would see your ob/gyn and if s/he can't fix the problem then check out an RE or some kind of fertility specialist. I hope I've helpped...sorry if not...take care of yourself...and good luck..happy baby dust!



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