Problems...Please Help
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cloverpatch - January 22

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over 2 years. We haven't gotten prego yet and we were thinking of going to see the doctor. Is there any advise anyone could give us? We don't really know what the next step should be. Any ideas? Thanks so much!


ROBYN - January 22

Absolutely see an RE get both of you tested for everything under the sun from sperm analysis for hubby and all the blood work necessary for both of you to determine any problems that my be there thats preventing pregnancy. We started seeing an RE last Feb we did all the testing the issue lied with me not ovulating and scar tissue around the ovary we did Clomid with hcg injection for 4 months it didnt work I did ovulate but no pregnancy in september we decided to get more agressive and IVF seemed to be our only choice. We completed everything the end of November and now are 10 wks pregnant. So just get everything checked out. We had to have and HSG which is procedure where they check your fallopian tubed by inserting dye to see if they are clear thats a standard test pretty much for all infertile couples and whatever else the RE might feel you need. 2 years is a long time so I am sure you will get the help you all need i wish you tons of luck of baby dust good luck to you.



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