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Ts01 - June 8

Hi My name is Christina and my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months but it seems to not be happening....Does anyone have any advice or anything? Im 20...


kris32101 - June 8

Hi Christina...What measures are you taking to get pregnant? Are you testing for ovulation? Using a BBT? Charting?


Ts01 - June 8

No we have not done anything yet we were just trying to do it natural and see if it would happen but it hasn't and im getting very frustrated...


kris32101 - June 8

I understand. If I were in your position...I would at least chart. Figure out exactly when you ovulate each month will increase your chances a lot. Here's a good site to help you...


slowpoke01 - June 11

Ts01-i use the little ovulatin predictor kits where you pee on a stick and it tells u if u r ovulating or not that may help you out u can buy them pretty cheap on ebay i just bought 60 of them with 10 pregnancy tests for 15 dollars good luck



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