Problem with ovulation
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ddg - June 25

I have missed my period this month all the pt's have been negetive. Can I still get pregnant on my most fertill day?? any help would be great... thanks


Brandy - June 27

I would still have a pregnancy test done at your physicians office just to rule it out. If you don't have a period, you don't ovulate. (or you already are pregnant) You may need to get a prescription to start your period if you don't have one next month as well; sometimes stress can cause your period to be late or to skip one all together.


:) - June 27

I am in the same boat as you. I didn't have a period this month--all tests neg! I am having symptoms of ovulation now. The OPK even says I am O'ing this week. I read on another thread that you could get pregnant without a period. Hope it helps


Brandy - June 27

You cannot get pregnant with out having a period.



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