Problem with erection..thinking of using pill
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john - September 22

This weekend my wife ovulate..but I couldn't substain an erection for TTC. I was wondering any men in my situation and have they try taking some medicine like Viarga?? will it help? and will the medicine have any effect on the sperm (such as damaging it)..Will the fetus be normal? Have someone been through this and have a healthy child? Thanks!


K - September 22

john my husband had same problem he didnt want sex at all cus that problem he went ho normal doctor and he wrote him pill but he took it for a while but he stoped cus he didnt want to take them(normaly y ou see the result after 4 weeks) viagra was too expencive so we tried to take everything easy slowly and now he is better even without pill i dont know how old you are but my husband is 36 and viagra is for older people i guess is best to see a doctor or take everything step by step i know shouldnt be easy for your wife was hard for me and still is but i had to help him with hand.... so things are getting better . good luck and remember you are not only one with this problem!


m - September 22




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