Problem Ovulating
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sillygirl - July 12

Hi Girls,
We have been trying for 2-1/2 years and no success. Last 1 year we even tried with Dr's help but still no success. :-(
This month i took clomid 100 mg.. i have been taking shots also...but still no ovulation. today is the day of my ovulation..... just wanted to know if there is anyone like me......


rach - July 12

dont think i have been ovulating for 13 months or since i started the pill when i was 15 because i came off that then when i was 16 i went on depo provera and came off that then a year later now dont think i am ovulating at all its crap, my body is all messed up it shows signs of ovulating and it does it at the wrong tome, like i just came of af last week and i got egg white discharge 2 days after my af now you cant ovulate that quick sop i havnt a clue what is going on?


Laura - August 3

Rach-you can ovulate two days after AF-best thing is just to try to conceive throughout your entire cycle-thats what I was told anyway



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