Primrose Oil or Falxseed Oil
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sweetestchic - June 18

I know that you shoudl take primrose oil until you ovulate then switch to falxseed oil because primrose oil causes contractions in pregnancy ... my question is ... my bottle of primrose oil is about to finish and i still have a few days till ovulation .. can i take flax seed oil before i ovulate?


sweetestchic - June 19

anyone? :(


Neuza - June 19

Hi sweeteschic, is the first time i know about falxssed oil. My Doctor told me to use primrose oil until my last day of ovulation. Therefore i am sorry if i wasn't able to able. Anyway i wish all the luck & let me know how u doing.


NicoleM - June 20

I think the advantage of the primrose b4 you ovulate is it is supposed to help with the quality of cervical mucus. I would stick with it until O if you have any concern about that.


sweetestchic - June 21

anyone else??? my primrose is about to finish :(



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