Primerose oil or mucinex
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BabyFever - June 20

What is the difference between primerose oil and mucinex? Do I take them both? I took clomid this month for the first time and it's left me with little cm. Isn't good cm good for the little swimmers? Thanks for everything!!


Neuza - June 20

Hi BabyFever, the Evening Primrose Oil comes in gel-capsules, usually of either 500 or 1,000mg each. The dose is 1,500mg to 3,000mg per day from cycle day 1 until ovulation. Once you have ovulated, you stop taking it for the rest of that cycle.

The Mucinex (Guaifenesin) tablets are 600mg each * you take one every 12 hours (2 a day) starting one week before ovulation * stopping once you ovulate. For liquid Robitussin, you take it on the same days, but you have to take it every four hours * it tastes awful!!! I say go with the tablets twice a day!
I hope this will help....I am on my 3 round of clomid days 1-5 & i am taking primerose oil 3000mg.


Jennbj - June 20

I am doing the evening primrose oil and mucinex this month too. I think I should have started the mucinex sooner but we'll see. I am still waiting to ovulate. I am on cd 12 and starting to notice more cm.


NicoleM - June 20

The mucinex thins mucus. Primrose oil is supposed to help with mucus production.


BabyFever - June 21

Wow, ya'll are so helpful! I am on cd 16 and I think I may have ovulated today. I did the robitussin for a little bit this month, you're right Neuza it is awful! I've just heard about primerose, mucinex, and the baby aspirin just a few days ago, so I guess I'll do all that next month - hope I want have 2 though :)



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