Primary Amenorrhea and I want to be a mother!
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Nena - April 12

I am 29 almost 30 yrs old and never had period on my own only when on pills. What are my chances of pregnancy? Anyone, please help me as I am in a crying mood these days. Many of my friends are going out with their babies for a walk and I just feel so bad why I can't be a mother. I love children so much. Please anyone share with me this very annoying time. 5 yr TTC on June 2005.


Nena - April 13

I have been told that I have to go for the HCG first and than to take shots for inducing my ovulation. Before two yrs I tried with a very low dose of stimulation and doct suspected I was preg in U/S and than I had m/c because of chlamydia infection.Any respond would be great. :c)


bump - April 20



TS - April 20

Have you ever had your pituitary checked?? Do you know if your prolactin levels are normal? Maybe you should look into using some natural progesterone cream for a few months to try simulate your bodies natural hormonal cycle (or rather, what is supposed to be your natural cycle).
Read the book "What Your Dr. May Not Tell You About Premenopause" by Dr. John Lee. Don't let the title throw you, it's got great information in it!!! Good Luck & don't be sad, you'll be a Mom one day!!!!


Alice - April 20

Nena, if you got pregnant before, why do you believe that you cant again? How did the doctor know you had a Chlamydia infection? Was it treated or did it cause problems? The reason that I ask is that if it is just no period and not ovulating, that can be treated as long as that is all that is going on. You did get preg. before. So, keep your chin up and let us know what happens! Best of luck & baby dust is coming your way now....


Nena - April 21

TS - Yes my prolactin levels are normal and many other tests are normal. Just the hormones that stimulate ovaries are very low and they say that it is unexplained situation I can be born like that. Alice, I did many yeast tests and they founf out that I have chlamydia. Now I am on pills and I am getting period every 28 day and they last for a week. By the end of this month I will check for infections, if they are gone (I took antibiotic for that) than I have to do HCG to check for the tubes. Thank you for your response. I forgot to mention that I have pictured my head in radiology and everything is normal.


dawn - April 21

I feel for you and will pray that God will give you a baby. I am 25 and am married. I have a 19 month old son. It took us over 2 1/2 years to get preg. I can't image the discouragement you must be feeling. If it is just your hormones that are low I may be able to help. That was my problem. My periods would not come for months. I went on natural hormone replacement and finally was able to get my period every month. But still no baby. A friend told me about this nutritionist that she had gotten some herbs from and she was preg in 2 months. I gave him a call and ordered some too. I was preg in 2 1/2 months. If you want the info or the phone number to call him you can email me and I will send you the info. He will be glad to talk to you and answer any questions that you have. It is pretty long to type in here and I have been giving it to others on this site. So I have it saved on a file so I can just attach it to emails people send me. I know how it feels to want a baby. And if I can help in any way I want to. My email address is [email protected]. I hope to hear from you.


lori in dayton, ohio - April 24

Nena..I found this site. I found you. I am not alone. Thank God!! I am 30 yrs. old,car accident when I was 4, pitulatary gland injured, low hormone levels,1 period in the 9th grade, menstrate while on birth control ( bad side effects ), small uterus, immature eggs & ovaries, I'M A MESS!!! Looking & praying for a bio child but not sure of the long battle ahead thinking of adoption. I so much would like to talk with you. Email me please at [email protected] if you could. Good Luck & God Bless..Lori


Nena - April 25

Thank you all for the great encouragement that you are giving and I am so happy fr not being alone in this world. I always felt different in my group of girlfriends but thanks GOD I always physically looked normal and beautiful like a real woman. I am mentioning this because I am very thankful about this. I really want my warmest wishes for all those who want to be "momy" to be blessed with many children and I believe that up there in the sky are many babies waiting for us to take care of them. Baby dust to all of us and I will keep you posted.



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