Price of fertility drugs?
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soimpatient - May 1

I was wondering how much fertility drugs/treatment cost...Clomid? Injectibles? IUI? IVF? Thanks in advance!


KristRye - May 2

Clomid - $30 USD for (5) 50mg pills
Repronex 24 vials - $1289 USD
Progesterone 1 month supply - $45 USD
HCG $89 USD (1 injection)

My IUI cycle for the procedure was $2000 + the medication. An IVF at my clinic would be $7900 + the injections if you did all of the diagnostic and lab work prior to doing the IVF. ie. HSG, U/S, Semen samples, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, std's (all) so you need culture and blood work, hamster test etc. I think with those it's an additional $3200 or something like that.


soimpatient - May 2

Thanks for your answer KristRye. That is crazy! I can't believe how expensive fertility treatment is. Tomorrow I go to my gyn to get some blood test results and he said that he will most likely be starting me on Clomid...I really hope that it works because I don't know how I could afford the other procedures! I don't know how most people could afford them other than re-mortgaging the house!


KristRye - May 2

No problem. Actually, I did re-fi. :) LOL I live in CA and so we were able to make a pretty penny on our home over the last five years and so when the int. rates dropped we re-fied. We took out $30K for our cause.....hopefully it isn't all gone before I get my BFP. :) Clomid works for a lot of people. Keep your fingers crossed and best of luck. :)


soimpatient - May 2

KristRye...I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you get your BFP soon. $30,000 will seem so worthless once you see your BFP. How old are you and how long have you been TTC?


KristRye - May 2

I totally agree. Especially since it's equity and it's money we never had in the first place. :) Besides, our motgage is cheaper now than before we re-fied. I have been TTC for four years. I am currently 26. I have done all the testing.....everything they could think to look for. They found some endo in 05/2004 and lasered it out and that was it. No other known cause. DH is fine and I am fine w/ exception of the endo. I am going to do three cycles of the IUI because my ins. pays for 50% and if that doesn't work then I am going to just do IVF. The RE says that the IVF has a chance of 60% w/ me because I have no known fertility issues and because I respond so well w/ the meds that I can get a TON of eggs. This last cycle w/ Repronex I got 23 of them. They had to cancel the cycle so I will try again in July. Kinda disappointing but I am going to BD like crazy and hopefully catch one of those suckers. LOL How old are you and how long have you been TTC?? Take care. :) Baby dust to you!


soimpatient - May 2

I've only (well, relatively feels like forever!) been TTC for 8 months. I'm 25 and I have extremely irregular cycles. I've had problems with cysts as well. It has been a frustrating 8 months and my DH and I are now starting to plan/save for treatments that we may require. My gyn said that he will most likely start me on clomid...I find out for sure tomorrow. I'm excited at getting a "help" with TTC. Hopefully we can meet at the first trimester boards soon:)


JB0405 - May 3

Hi Ladies, I hope you don't mind me budding in... I have never paid more than a few $$$$ for clomid... I hope I don't sound like an idiot... I was just wondering if your insurance doesn't have prescription coverage as far as fertility drugs are concerned? I am not about IUI or IVF... although my dr told me that I may need IUI. Soim-I have a history of cysts as well...I have PCOS and my periods are VERY irregular...just wanted to share...


KristRye - May 3

JB0405---No you are correct. The cost for me w/ my Insurance was only $5.00. But, the invoice that I get from my insurance show that they pay $30.00. I just didn't want to assume that she had the same insurance I did. :) My insurance does pay for Clomid w/ a $5.00 co-pay and they do pay for injectibles but I have to pay 100% of the injectibles up front and then they will re-imburse me 50% of the usual and customary. I don't know why I have to pay in advance?? I think because of the large costs. All the meds for this month for me were $1500 for the IUI cycle. I am not sure what my actual re-imbursement will be though. Hope that clarifies what I meant. :) Are you currently taking Clomid?? ----soimpatient....what happend w/ the doctor? Did he give you and rx for Clomid?? I know that alot of people do find themselves a BFP with it. 80% of them during the first three months. :) Good luck. I know what you mean about it taking a long time. One month sometimes feels like forever. But, after four years I am learning to be a little more patient and just focus on getting my BFP before my 29th birthday. So I have 3 more years....after that I will look into adoption. By then I will have spent 7 years of my life TTC. At some point I have to stop the emotional roller coaster and move on. Hopefully you will get your BFP before you 1 year mark. :) Most people do. Since you are still young and you are already with a doctor.....your chances are probably super great. :) Hang in there and take care. Best of luck.


soimpatient - May 3

Thanks for the words of encouragement KristRye, I really needed them. I am having a really low day. It turns out that I don't ovulate (I guess my progesterone levels are too low) but now I have to wait for my husband to get a semen analysis done and then go back in a month to get clomid. I just wish my doc would have told my DH to get one done while I was waiting for my results. Everything moves along so slowly. I was really hoping that I would get my prescription for Clomid today and then we could start moving forward. Instead I'm back in the waiting game feeling totally out of control. This is going to be the longest month ever! Heck, I should go get a bottle of wine to kill some time this weekend ;)


sqeekers - May 4

Hi Ladies, hope you don't mind if I join your thread. We have been ttc for almost 3 years, I have PCOS and very erratic periods. I ovulate some on my own, but usually have to take something to induce it. I tried a few rounds of clomid a couple of years ago with no luck. I have my first appt. this morning with the fertility specialist to see what my options are. I am really nervous about going. Looking at the costs you have posted for these treatments scares me even more. I guess I am afraid now that whatever is wrong is treatable but I won't be able to afford it. I know my insurance covers most of the testing costs, and some of the prescription costs but I don't know how much of each.


soimpatient - May 4

Good Luck at your appointment Sqeekers. Let us know how it goes.


sqeekers - May 5

Well my first appt went ok. They did an u/s and no cysts yippee!!!! I start met. next week, and they want to do an hcg dye test in the next few weeks.


Shauna - May 5

Hey ladies.... I was actually just looking for my thread and saw yours. I am not a medical professional at all and I have not started on it yet but.....if you go to Walmart they have a vitamin called 'soy isoflavone or isoflavanoid and it is comperable to Clomid as far as results according to the ladies I have been talking to on the internet. I have been told that it is somewhere around $5 for 60 pills at Walmart in U.S. I am in Canada and it is $16.98 for 30 pills. Just a thought. I ordered it from Walmart today ( its over the counter). Baby dust. to you all and lots of BFPs.


soimpatient - May 5

Thanks Shauna! I'm probably just going to wait to get my prescription for Clomid. I am always nervous about taking stuff that the doctor doesn't recommend but I'm going to do a little research on it and mention it to my doc when I see him at the end of the month. Thanks for the idea!


wannabeamom - May 5

Hey girls, I found this article. It praises the value of soy food but to be cautious of the supplements.



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