Previous Pelvic Infection
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Beth - December 31

When I was 22, I started developing chronic cystitis (UTIs). I left one untreated, and a week later, I developed a horrible pelvic infection. The GYN who examined me at the time said that my pelvic area was green. It abated quickly after a course of antibiotics, and I did not have problems for a few years. Since I've been married, I've had two subsequent pelvic infections. I know that these can cause scaring. Before my husband and I try for a baby, I want to save some time and learn whether or not this has damaged my body too severely. I asked my GP about it, and she said that testing for it was so invasive, that they don't do it on couples until 18 months of trying. What is she referring to? Also, is it possible to repair scarred tissue? How would this damage other parts of the pelvic area? Is it possible that I could still get pregnant anyway or is it a fat chance?


kk - January 3

Was it pelvic inflammatory disease??


betziboo - January 3

I don't know. My GYN at the time tested me for venereal diseases, which came out negative. They of course came out neg. when I had my two lesser flare ups. I wasn't told what it was, I am guessing it was a bacterial infection of another sort.


Payton - January 13

Hi beth!!!
Don't worry!! Start trying for a baby, but don't obsess about it, just have fun with it!! I have a very close friend who married her H.S. sweetheart but in their days of dating he cheated and brought back Chlymadia which she was unaware about, eight months later she had a horrible case of PID!!! Well, over the summer time we would sit around and talk about when it was time for a baby and that was her biggest concer, she was sooo scared!! Well, three months after her wedding and them buying a house she found out she was pregnant!! It was from pre-cum tooo!!! Not even trying! She didn't have a problem! Plus she smokes and drinks to her hearts content!! Have fun with it and don't worry! I wish you luck!!!


Momo - January 31

Hi Beth

Like Payton said, have fun for now. Once you've tried for a year, then consult a Reproductive Endo. Scar tissues can be very damaging to your fertility system but it's not impossible to get pregnant. If it is very severe, dr's might suggest ivf but I did read here somewhere about someone who had severe scarring from PID but got pregnant by accident 3 months after been told she could't do it naturally. I have severe scarring too from previous surgery and I am hoping it happens naturally for me too. I hope this helped.



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