previous ep/problems getting pregnant
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Laina - March 28

Hi I dont know if anyone else out there has had an ectopic and have been trying to conceive again. I had my ectopic August 13 2005 and lost my right tube. We still havent been able to become pregnant. Before I had me ep I had the cervical mucous change where it turns to egg white like discharge. Now during my fertile time there is more discharge but it's really thick creamy white. I dont know if any of you have had this problem and if the doctor may have told u what causes this etc. I will finally see the doctor April 12. I have taken those ovulation predictor tests and they have said that I am ovulating I just dont know what else is going on and why I dont have the fertile type of discharge. It's getting really frustrating. I am currently on day 3 of my cycle so soon I will be able to try again this month. Any advice would be great. Thanks!!



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