Preseed or no Preseed?
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CJ - October 5

Last time I used Preseed b/c Clomid dried me up. This time I seem to have more CM. If you have some CM should you use Preseed. I've heard of a lot of doctors that say absolutely NO lubricants. I know Preseed is supposed to be sperm-friendly but it didn't work for me last time. Any thoughts or success stories with Preseed?


kl - October 5

If you are ok without i'd go natural lube that way for sure you wont run into any problems but if your dry then try it. There are success stories out there. I love the feel but it hasnt gotten me pregnant.


Mega - October 5

Hi. I have a friend who is pg with a preseed baby. She's also one of those lucky ones who got pregnant their first month trying. She also has several other friends who got pg using Preseed, so I have heard good things about it. I probably won't use it myself though b/c my RE wants us to do an IUI (b/c of morphology), but even though it's expensive, Preseed might be worth a try, but only on those "drier" days. Good luck!


sherry - October 5

i was looking for it last night before we bd, but i couldn't find the box, lol. so we bd -ed anyway. i did use it and get pregnant, however i don't know if we got pregnant with the help of the pre-seed or the clomid i was also taking. i never get much cervical mucus, so i thought this was definately the best lube to buy, and it is sperm friendly. if only i could have found the box last night, lol. fingers crossed anyway. i'd say give it a try


KG - October 5

Just curious, I have heard some people mention preseed but do not know much about it. We always have to use a lube when we bd and I have heard it can hinder the sperms movement so was looking for something to use that would not. Has anyones Dr. reccommended preseed to anyone or have you just used it on your own? Is it pretty much just a lubricant that does not hurt the sperm or is there more to it?


CJ - October 6

Thanks girls for your replies.
KG-You're right Preseed is basically just a sperm friendly lubricant. You can get it online or I've heard some pharmacies carry it. I got mine at I haven't heard about any doctors recommending it but I have heard of some people getting pregnant with it so hopefully it can't hurt.


chris - October 16

should it be used before or after sex


me - October 16

My RE suggested raw eggwhites at room temp or Preseed. You cannot get salmonella from the eggwhites because the vaginal walls do not absorb it. It just helps the sperm get to their destination.


Jessica - October 17

I am over hear from the pregnancy forum to let you all know that I conceived after 3 years of trying and medical procedures with preseed. My dh and I were in the adoption process when I found this preseed stuff online and decided to try it. That month it worked! I did everything from IUI's with pergonal to surgery to try to get pregnant and I ended up conceiving naturally w/o drugs using preseed the very first time. I was diagnosed with a hostile enviroment and was killing off dh's sperm (failed the post coital test miserably) and that is why I think it worked. I urged anyone who is willing to try to spend the $20 dollars. (BTW I am now 28 weeks pg with a boy and I have adopted a little boy as well) Baby dust to all of you!


Mega - October 18

Me--that's interesting about the raw egg whites. I'd heard that before, but it kind of scared me. That's interesting how it doesn't cause salmonella b/c the vaginal walls don't asorb it. Good to know! Congrats on your pregnancy, Jessica. It's always nice to hear success stories!


to Jessica - October 18

Congratulations on both your little boys. I too love preseed and I think i have hostile mucous but unfortunately I havent had my bfp yet. Hopeing with preseed, clomid and injectibles and well placed iui's one or the other will work.


KG - October 18

I purchased some Preseed and used it this month along with first month of clomid....AF supposed to come Oct 24-25 so we'll dust to all!


to kg - October 21

please do tell us as i have to start clomid next monthand thinking of buying preseed


kg - October 24

well AF came Sunday....but I am buying more preseed, not giving up yet, I figure if preseed is about the only truly sperm friendly lube and could even possibly help us I am giving it another shot!! and I did not get my pre-seed till towards the end, I think we got a chance to use it 2 times....good luck to all and baby dust!!



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